Monday, May 26, 2008

My Craft Room

One of the things quite a few of you asked to see is my Craft Room. I've never taken any pics before because it really is quite an ordinary room, compared to some of the gorgeous rooms I've seen around the place. So, I hope you're not too disappointed when you see it!!
My room doubles as our family office and computer room, and it's only a very small room. Most of my stuff is at one desk. When I sit down to create, everything is within reach:
Since the desk isn't very big, Dave put a large piece of melamine on the top, to make it deeper.
I love the Stampin' Up! grid paper, and always use it to stamp on. It adds a bit of 'cushion', which helps to give a good stamped image, and the grid lines really help to line things up. I'd be lost without it! The lighting in my room isn't great, so I have 2 "daylight" globe desk lamps (I also use these to take photos of my cards). The wooden unit on the side is my Punch Storage.
This top unit is an IKEA bookcase, tipped on it's side, and cut down to size. Dave added the extra compartments for my stamp sets, and put a foam core back on it. The drawer unit holds my embossing equipment, wheels and small punches, with ribbon rolls on top. The other smaller drawer unit has wheel cartridges, re-inkers and extra inkpads. I add a white insert into my stamp set cases, with the name typed on it, so it's more visible. They are divided up into categories (Words, Alphabets, Hostess sets, Occasions & Sentiments, Flowers, Nature, Backgrounds and Christmas). When the stamp set has both words and images in it, I also stamp the words in that set onto the white insert near the name, so I can see at a glance what other words I have.
All of my cardstock is in 2 filing cabinets. It takes up 3 drawers, and the other drawers are for general filing. I sort in colour families, with 1 drawer for Earth elements, Bold Brights and neutrals, and the other for Soft Subtles, rich Regals, and In Colors. The third drawer contains my white and vanilla, plus scraps (a clear plastic A4 envelope for each colour family). I've stuck some In Color Combination Charts on the front for inspiration (and to cover up all that grey!)
I hope that satisfies your curiosity!
Let me know if you have any questions :o)


  1. Oh,I'm so jealous!! That craft room is amazing! And wow look at all those inks and stamp sets! As much as i want my lil bubba to take his time in growing up, gee now I wish he would hurry so he can go into a bed and share a room with his brother (lol he is only 9 mths) and then I get to have a craft room! heheheheh.

  2. I've never seen that desk looking like that before. Hmmm, I think you've had a visit from the neat fairy Marelle!! lol

  3. It's great to see where you stamp, even if you don't feel it is as pretty as some others... you've given me a few ideas on how I can rearrange my limited space too!

  4. Marelle, your area is soooooooooo like mine in set up! Thanks so much for posting the pics - its lovely to see where you create all those gorgeous masterpieces!


  5. Hi, thanks for sharing your stamping up space, gives me a few more ideas about storing my card making stuff. I am awaiting delivery of a bookcase hutch and four drawer unit for my desk, this stamping gets very expensive with all these additional needs. (I have only been stamping for a couple of months but have gained so much stuff to store away.)

  6. I love your cards........... and your stamping room.Where do you get those color charts?
    Thanks, Joyce

  7. Great room, Marelle. Looks so nice and organised. Great idea to have the colour combo charts on display - they are so handy to use!! TFS

  8. Looks great Marelle - and I really count myself lucky that I can use this room and share your wonderful creations at classes. And Dave's good at making tea too!

  9. Ah I love your space but it's way to tidy please don't tell me it always looks like that!! Thought I'd pop in and tell you I have tagged you on my website it's one of those tell us 7 obscure facts about yourself ones. Hope you don't mind. Steph X

  10. Aw Marelle, what I like best about your stamp desk is that a gift from me is sitting right on top! :o) That made my day!

    Also, I really like the idea of stamping the sentiments so they are visible from the front - I never know what sentiments I have, so that would be very helpful. Thanks for the ideas!




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