Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mother's Day Card Box Template

Marelle Taylor Stampin' Up! Australia
This is an idea that I tend to go back to again and again...especially around Mother's Day. This is a set of gift cards and matching wallet that I showed you at around this time last year, but this time, I thought I'd give you the actual directions for making the wallet! When I was looking for a suitable box to hold a set of cards for a gift, I could only find measurements for US cardstock, so I came up with my own. The great thing about this wallet is that it only needs 1 A4 sheet of paper, and it holds up to 6 standard cards and envelopes. I'm going to make a new set for the special Mums in my life, so stay tuned for that in the next day or so.
In the meantime, here are the instructions, so you can make your own!

You will need:
• one sheet A4 cardstock, stamped as desired (or decorate later)
• paper cutter with scoring blade in place (or bone scorer)
• sticky strip adhesive
• small piece of velcro or ribbon
• scissors

(All dimensions are in cm)
1. With your A4 cardstock in landscape orientation, score at 7, 8, 20 and 21 cm.
2. Now, with your cardstock in portrait orientation, score at 1.2, 2.2, 18.8 and 19.8 cm.
3. Fold along all score lines.
4. Cut out flaps as in picture.
5. Apply Sticky Strip to the edges of the smaller flap (this will form the bottom of your box), and a small piece to adhere the side tabs (see picture)
6. Adhere the two small tabs to the side flaps, then adhere the lower flap.
7. The larger flap is the top flap of this box. Use a small piece of velcro or secure some ribbon to use as a closure.

Marelle Taylor Stampin' Up! AustraliaThis is what your box should look like before you stick it all together. The Red lines are Sticky Strip (extra strong double-sided tape). The pencil lines are the score lines, where your folds should be. The dark black line that says "cut" is where the side tab is.

You can find the colours I've used in THIS post. Please email me with any questions!

All of the ingredients for making this project can be purchased from me :o)


  1. Thanks Marelle - perfect timing, though I have turned the card box into one for holding baby thank you cards that I am sending to a friend.

  2. Marelle - you little champion you! lol!!

    Thank you so much for this great little mini tutorial! I cant wait to whip one of these up!!


  3. Marelle, I love these. I got the instructions from you last year and have made heaps, they are a real hit with everyone. Thank you again.

  4. The girls had these at P2P and they looked great - thanks for the instructions! (and, as always, the inspiration!)

  5. Oh these are just lovely... thanks so much for posting the instructions :-)



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