Saturday, May 10, 2008

Anyone for Punch Storage?

You may remember the fantastic Punch Storage Unit that my hubby whipped up for me (Click HERE to refresh your memory). Well dear hubby (and I'm not sure if he knows what he's getting himself in for!) has offered to whip up some more of these for anyone who wants one. This offer is only available to those who could pick up from my house in Dundas.
The dimensions of the unit are 70cm x 36.5cm, and it can hold 16 large and 4 medium punches. It comes without hinges so you can hang/stand it up against a wall. The cost will be $50.
Email me if you'd like to put your name down for one. I'll collect names until next Friday (16th May) and then hubby will start making them. He says he'll need to buy "a few" new tools so he can do a good job...I think his motives are becoming clearer LOL.


  1. Marelle,

    I got so excited when I started reading this post, that I wondered how much it would be to post... oh well, I will have to improvise and look for something here in the NT.

    Mel Hanlon

  2. Oh, your hubby is so sweet! Pity that I dont live closer :)

  3. I think your hubby needs to go on holidays around Oz so none of us miss out on such a wonderful invention. I'm sure he would get accommadation and meals for his work and all of us would be happy. Marls :)

  4. I agree with Tracy and Marls!

    I wonder if Kim could stash one of these in her luggage next time she visited...

  5. Okay, how much do they weigh and how big are they? Love KimT (I have ordered one for myself).



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