Monday, May 05, 2008

Don't forget my Blog Candy!

I thought I'd made the Blog Candy Post sticky so it would stay at the top, but obviously not! *oops!*

Leave a comment on THIS POST, making a suggestion or asking a question, and you could win a pack of these beauties (my lounge room is currently abounding in ribbon!):

I'll be drawing a winner tonight, but I would love to answer LOTS more questions!!


  1. Hey Marelle! I've tagged you (you must get hundreds of these!)

  2. Hi Marelle, You are such a creative person you inspire me but i need more time management to get time to do crafts. but keep up the great work your blog is such a cheerfull place to go when you need inspiration.


  3. Marelle,

    I am a demo in Katherine, NT, but hope I can have a chance to win the blog candy!

    Mel Hanlon

  4. Love your work. Always inspiring scrolling through your blog. If you have any great card ideas for 'Stem Silhouettes', I'd love to see them. I love this stamp set, but I'm stuck for ideas on what to bo with it.

  5. Hi Marelle, just trying to leave another message, thids time with my name attached( previous mesage came up as ANONYMOUS.

  6. Doesn't the ribbon look beautiful!! I wan tto know doesn't the family get annoyed when the house is full of ribbon/paper etc. I know mine does when my craft has taken over. :-)

  7. Hi Marelle,
    Another question but I am happy that it only counts as one with the other is how do you do you matting, do you hand cut each piece?

  8. Hi Marelle

    I have a question. I want to cover some chipboard in paper or even cardstock - not quite sure if you can use cardstock - how do you go about this? I have heard about glueing it down and then using sandpaper to get rid of the excess but I have tried it before and have not had much luck. Any help would be great.


  9. Hi Marelle,
    How do you Heat emboss on card board chip shapes? I saw it mentioned in a magezine and would love to see some demo photos.

  10. Hi Marelle! I love your blog and you are an amazingly creative person. I've only just got into stamping but already I have stuff everywhere. I loved your hubby's creativity with your punch stamps and I wondered if you had some hints on how to store all the stuff, particularly the paper - do you keep the colours together in their sets (eg soft subtles) or put the scraps in a box or ??????? I don't know - I'm getting lost in stuff. And stamps and ink pads and lots of other bits.... I'm sure it's only going to get more chaotic!!


  11. Hello Marelle
    Love visiting your blog. It is always full of inspiration.
    Would love to have some hints on how best to use the Stampin Up brayer.
    Thanks Helen R.

  12. How do you store your ribbons? I would love to know.
    Hugs, Dee in Oklahoma

  13. I love your Blog Candy Canes and Faux Bow tutorials! I like tips, techniques, and tutorials. I prefer the tutorials not to be videos because sometimes I like to study the photo of how something is done. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!


  14. Marelle, Thanks for such an inspiring website! On that topic, where do you get your inspiration? Do you start with a colour, stamp set or sketch? Also how do you manage your time with young children. Sometimes I feel ready to sink with everything that needs to be done.

  15. Hi Marelle, my question has to do with chipboard too. I have never used it and would like a tutorial on it. I've seen it in scrapbooks but is it too heavy for cards?


  16. Hi Marelle :) been reading all of the questions on the post and I am quite excited to read the answers as a lot of them I have been wanting to ask for a while now. I await in anticipation! I especially love the way you have designed your blog. I keep fiddling with mine and still dont like it :( I guess it all comes with practice.

  17. Hi Marelle, your blog is awesome! Your creations are beautiful, I wish I had the time to do more with my stamps. I am stuck for inspiration regarding my 'good things grow' set, so if you have these stamps I'd love to see what you can do with them.



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