Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blog Candy Q&A

Michele did this a while ago, and I thought it was a great idea. You get to ask me some can be about a stamping technique, or a feature you would like to see on my blog or something about how I make my cards, or anything you'd like to know about, really. After a few days, I'll type up a post answering all your questions and I'll announce the winner (randomly drawn) of the prize.
I'm running lots of Ribbon and Paper Shares at the moment (if you receive my newsletter you would have read all about them. If you don't, and would like to, just send me an email or enter your details over there in the box --->). So, I thought a fitting prize would be a sample Paper Share pack and Ribbon Share pack. I haven't decided which ones yet...I may let the winner choose for herself, or make it a surprise!
This is open to any Australian resident who is not a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. SU! Demos out are welcome to leave a comment and ask me a question, just state in your comment that you are a SU! Demo. The winner will be drawn on Monday Evening 5th May.
So, get asking!!


  1. hi Marelle! i'd love to know where you feel you get your most inspiration. i love your cards; great layouts and color combos. so, where do your ideas come from, and how do you keep track of them?

    i'm a US resident, so don't include me in the blog candy :)

  2. Hi Marelle
    I'm a stamper from Perth WA. Found your blog recently and love to check it every couple of days!

    I have loads of questions but I'll stick to just this one......

    Out of all the wonderful cards and other projects you have created, which one are you most proud of or holds the most meaning for you?

    Thanks for sharing your gift.

  3. Hiya Marelle,

    Not much of a question really BUT I would love to see a photo of your stampin' area if you could manage it sometime!!


  4. Hi Marelle, I too am an avid blog visitor, and I love your artistic flair, wish I had an ounce of your creativity. I love the composition of your cards. Mine always seem to be missing that final touch that just makes them say WOW. I never can seem to find just the right combinations. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks..... Manda

  5. Hi Marelle, my question is, what is your creative process, o you start with colour, stamps, design, etc?

  6. Hi Marelle, I would also like to know if you start with a layout in mind then go from there, or is it colour combo or stamp set that gets you started? Also, is Dave starting a new sideline with his fab punch storage unit?

    Robyn Little

  7. Dear Marelle
    I have been stamping only for about one month after a successful Stampin' up party. I have been making cards for a few years and have a collection of "stuff" but now I have so much more, how do you store your stamps, ink pads etc as I see you have a cupboard for the punches.

  8. Hi Marelle love your work! my question is - WHEN do you stamp? Do you do set yourself a block of time per day or do you do bits here and there when you can?

  9. Love your creations. My question is what do you use for your ribbon storage when the ribbon is not in rolls. Have been collecting quite a few loose ribbons lately and am looking for a good storage system.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations.

  10. Hi Marelle
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!

    As I am still relatively new to stamping and card making (but already hooked), my questions is.... what are the top 5 Stampin' Up products you would recommend to someone new to stamping and card making.

    Thanks, Ann

  11. Dear Marelle
    My question is how do you fit it all into one day: stamping cards, updating your blog, workshops at night, looking after your family (kids), cooking, cleaning, mad balloons, shopping, preparing workshops, exercise, help kids with their home work, paperwork, ordering, mailouts etc etc, Have you got any good advice on how to fit stamping into your day?

  12. Hi Marelle,

    I would like to say that I love the step by step instructions for different things - the faux bow I look up all the time.

    My question is about organisation - how do you store your stamps so you know what you have, and how do you remember what you have when you sit down to start a card for someone?


  13. Hi Marelle, This is the first time that I've seen your blog and WOW you have blown me away. Love the Mothers Day card packs (think that's what they are called). I would like to make some for Christmas Presents and wondered if you have made the card box to fit 10 cards in. If you have what would the dimensions be? I've only just started stamping and not too sure on scaling things up. Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration. Alison

  14. Hi Marelle,

    I love your blog. It gives me so much inspiration. I don't know where your inspiration comes from but it is just amazing the ideas you come up with. Thank you for sharing this.


  15. Hi Marelle,
    I love your wonderful favourite cards on your blog. That is a gorgeous set.

    My question is how do you stoere your ink pads. Is it true that it is best to store them upside down?

  16. Hi Marelle,
    Only come across your blog the other week and have sine subscribed to your newsletter. Got the first one today :) ty. I too have loads of questions but will also stick to just one. I am an avid SU! fan (not a demo) and would like to know what your top 5 stamp sets would be out of the new catty that could let you create lots of cards (including word, picture and background stamps).

    Keep up the good work as I love your style. I too tend to miss that wow factor and the photos of my cards just dont do them justice - guess that is another quick question - what do you use to make your photos look great?

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  18. Hi Marelle
    I love checking out the inspiration on your blog & what you are up to.
    My question is how do you find & manage the time to be so productive??!! Not only coming up with great creations, but also sharing your tips and ideas on your blog.

  19. I've just discovered you blog, it's do you find the time to stamp? do you stamp at night and just stay up late?

  20. Hi Marelle
    I have recently found your blog and it is incredibly inspiring. My question is - I have at least 4 roll-on adhesive products from various makers and they are all duds (patchy coverage, don't wind etc). I have read that the Stampin Up SNAIL is great - can you tell me what makes this product better than the rest on the market.

  21. Hi Marelle, I love your blog, and I am a regular visitor. The changes you have recently made look great, really fresh. I was wondering if you could give some ideas for birthday cards for little boys? I find them much harder than girls, but I seem to need them often.

  22. Hi Marelle, I've just subscribed to your news letter and love checking my email to see what you have been creating. My question is about the amazing boxes - do you design them yourself or are there templates available. Thanks so much.

  23. Hi Marelle,
    Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to win some beautiful ribbons(my favourite accessory i must add).My question to you is i always seem to get stuck when it comes to making male masculie cards,do you have any tips or maybe some photo's you could share with us ladie's.I get stuck when it comes to what colours and accessory's i should add and if i should keep it simple.I always call by to your blog and get some really inspiring ideas, keep up the beautiful work. You are such a clever girl.
    Kerrie Crawford

  24. Hi Marelle,
    hope i am not too late to post a question ... my burning question is why dont we see more purple cards?
    Everybody loves them so why are there not more purple ink and paper colours?
    Purple is good for males and female and childen's cards isnt it?
    oh and one more - can demonstrators or customers make sugestions to SU for new colour combinations?
    :)You asked.
    Love your inspiring cards,

  25. Hi Marelle...I'd love to know what you love most about being a SU Demo. I have just joined...waiting on my kit actually so am interested to know what others think. Cheers, Linda

  26. Mine is really a request of sorts. Do you own SU! sets that are exclusively Australian? I live in the US and I would love to see cards made with them? thanks, love your blog

  27. Marelle,love your blog, it,s good to have creative Aussies blogging, have you thought about video tutorials?

  28. You have a wonderful blog ! I'd like to know how you have your work desk organized for stamping/scrapbooking?
    Maybe a picture?

  29. Hi Marelle! If you had to pick just one - what would you say is your favorite blog?

    Kerry Morgan

  30. Hi Marelle, How do you get your ribbn tied so perfectly on your cards? the knot it leaves is fantastic!

  31. Do you ever use SU heat and stick powder? I had to have it and now that I do, I can't really make it work for me.
    Also, have you ever used Prismacolor pencils and if so, do you use them with mineral spirits??
    Thanks for the chance to win. I love, love, love ribbon!!!



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