Monday, August 24, 2009

Incentive Trip Day 4

Warning...this post is a biggie, so you might want to grab a cuppa!
I'm back home now (great to be back, but I miss everyone too!), and I thought you all might like to hear all about the last couple of days of the trip. I hope you've enjoyed reading the updates. I know I used to when I wasn't on the trip myself.
Check out all the gorgeous swaps I received. It's great fun to spread them out on the bed and ooh and aah over them:
There's some amazing art there!
On Friday night we wandered down the road and spent our dinner voucher on some cocktails at Ricky's Restaurant. Here we are sipping on some yummy concoctions. Jayne, Linda, Teresa, me, Dave, Georgina, Gareth and Tanya:

Then we went to dinner next door to a Mexican Restaurant, where the lovely waitress brought us a mixture of all sorts of bits and pieces and 2 jugs of Sangria...perfect! Then we wandered back down the road and picked up some gelato which we took back to Teresa's room and chatted and laughed for hours. Nicki and Vicki joined us and there were some absolutely hilarious moments!
In our rooms waiting for us was a lovely wooden salad bowl filled with kitchen-y stuff (I think the dishwashing liquid is a present for our hubbies LOL)
The red tube is a Victoria's Secret body lotion (or dubbed by Teresa "undies in a bottle")
On Saturday we got to have a sleep in. It was a free day to do whatever we felt like. Some people headed off early for Fraser Island, and some went to Eumundi markets. We opted for jet skiing (or shall we say I was railroaded into jet skiing!!)
We had our last spin of the wheel. Here I am, with Janiel and Angie (note the jars of 'candy'!). It was bonus day on the wheel, and I won paper snips, build-a-brad and Fresh Cut notes. Woo Hoo!
Here's our jet skiing party Sean and Emma, Neil and Steph, me and Dave, Nicki and Dave, Vicki and Steve, Jayne and Gareth, Ngaire and Jane:
We had a blast. We were out for 1 1/2 hours and that was plenty for me! We went out in pairs and it was really choppy and windy. By the end I had a rash on my chin from holding on so tightly to Dave that my chin was rubbing on his life jacket, and I ripped the belt loops on the front of his jacket with the death grip I had on him!! I managed to stay on though (probably because I wouldn't let him go very fast...speed demon I am not!) Steph has photographic evidence on her camera that I actually did it.
The best bit was the lovely warm shower when we got back, and then we headed out for lunch at the Surf Club:
We did a spot of souvenir shopping for the kids and then went to our rooms to glam up. We had to meet in the foyer at 4:30pm for our surprise final night dinner. We were all on the coach trying to guess where we were headed. It was a 40 minute trip and the guesses ranged from castles to Silent movies. Our only clue was that we were "heading back in time". I think the whole bus went "ooooohhhhh" when we turned the corner and saw these lined up:
Don't ask me the name of the car we were in, but it was 1950's-looking! Here is me, Ngaire and Jane in the back seat, feeling pretty special!
We were driven to The Plantation, a gorgeous Function venue. It was all done up beautifully (SU! Really know how to make us feel special!)
At each of our place settings was a soft white pashmina scarf Here's our table - Kerri, Yvonne, me and Makeesha
And this is the gorgeous view that we got to gaze at...aren't those flowers divine?? (OK the guys are pretty cute too!) This is our jet ski crew looking a bit more glamorous!
There was also an astronomer there, and he had set up several telescopes so we could view the stars. We got to see Alpha Centuri and Jupiter...amazing!
Dave snapped a photo of me with Shelli just before it was time to go
Janiel had organised for the whole driveway to be lit up. It was hard to take a photo of, but each of those lights is a paper bag, with sand and a tea light in it. She had them spaced exactly evenly, and it looked amazing. It was a long driveway too, so I can't imagine how long it took them to do that.
...As if we hadn't had enough presents, when we returned to our room, this was on our beds:

A gorgeous (huge!) Chocolate brown bag with leather handles. There was also some milk and cookies in the third red hat box for us to enjoy.
I don't think anyone wanted the night to end, so we ended up with quite a few people in our room for drinks, nibblies, card tricks (by Harry Torres) and balloon animals (by Dave). Sooooo much fun!It was 1am before we got to bed, but it was worth it!


  1. Well I really enjoyed having a cuppa and reading this post! Love hearing all about the IT trip looks like soo much fun!
    Kristy xo

  2. Hi Marelle,

    It's been fabulous reading about your incentive trip antics. Thanks for keeping everybody up to date. Your blog is always entertaining and inspirational. You obviously work very hard, and it's no wonder you acheived your goal of making it to an incentive trip. Keep up teh fab work.

    Elli Hennessy
    SU Demonstrator, Melbourne



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