Friday, August 21, 2009

Incentive Trip Day 3

Oh my goodness..Karaoke. Never done it before, or sung in public before, but it was soooo much fun! There were about 40 of us Stampin' Uppers at the Surf club last night (I don't think they knew what had hit them!) including Shelli and Stirling, Aaron (Aus manager) and his wife Karen, Dave Baugh (US head office) and his wife Jennifer and Emma (NZ manager)and her husband Sean. Aaron, Karen, Dave and Sean all had a turn on stage. It was an evening full of laughs.
Ness and I did 3 ABBA numbers. We looked and sounded just like them (not!!). Here we are doing our Waterloo moves:We did some high kicks to Sean's number (Ness, me, Tanya, Vicki and Jane - Ngaire's sister): And all the girls got up for a couple of numbers too:

There were some priceless moments...Aaron and the boy's Peter Garrett impersonation to "Bed's are Burning"; singing "Stampin' Queens" with all the girls, Dave's "Blame it on the Boogie"; Dave and Gareth's duo to "Summer of '69"(Jayne and I had to rescue them); Karen rescuing Aaron from the I said, it was a fun night!!
and then I came back to our room at 11pm to find a pressie on my bed!
oooh what could be inside?? A cute Ikea tea towel was used to wrap up some goodies...
....that I can't show you until November because some of them are going to be in our new mini.
We got 6 inkpads (black stazon, Kiwi Kiss, Riding Hood Red, Pacific Point, More Mustard and Tempting Turquoise) and 2 markers that we needed for our make-and-take session today, plus a BRAND NEW punch and a BRAND NEW cute, cute, cute stamp set. It's new to us AND not in the U.S. yet either! And then I had to try and get to sleep after that night of excitement!!!
This morning I just had a light brekky in our room (still full from the Ricky's restaurant cooking adventure) and then headed downstairs to swap and stamp.
Here's all the achievers assembled for a group pic:
Here we are chatting and swapping:
And here is my make-and-take group (Rachael Knight, Jacque Pedersen, Patrice Halliday-Larsen from NZ, Ngaire and Jayne):

I'm not allowed to show you the make-and-takes we did, but they are really cute! I can show you my swap card though:
All the swaps I received are just amazing. I'll have them out to show you all at my classes over the next month. It sure is a talented bunch of people here.
and I couldn't let a day go past without showing you another food photo. This is the ice cream buffet that we got to tuck into after our make-and-takes:
AMAZING! Actually that's only half of it...the other side has other flavours and more garnishes.
This afternoon we had a leisurely lunch with Jayne and Gareth (yes more food) and then we wandered around the shops for a bit. Tonight we are off to use our Ricky's Restaurant voucher.
I also spun the wheel today and won some 'Walk in the Park' papers. They have also set up a Candy bar, with pretty jars filled with different American candies....Reece's pieces, Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter m&ms, and other weird flavoured things!


  1. OOOH PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!!! I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to try them!! Looks like your all having sooo much fun, hope someone recorded the singing heheh.
    Kristy xo

  2. You sound like you are having a ball! Thanks for the updates...they are great.

  3. peanut butter M&M's!!!! Oh wait, you said new products!!! LOL You guys look like you are having a fantastic time, good on you all!

  4. I can hear all your singing tunes from here. You needed to get that on tape. Sounds like you are having a great time.

    Love hearing about it. Would of loved to see some of the new goodies. Oh well I guess that is the pearks of being a top demo.

    have fun not long now before you have to come back.


  5. Love hearing about your trip, you describe it so well. Sounds like you are having lots of fun.

  6. You are such a tease!!!

  7. Peanut Butter Cups - yummmmmmmmm!! They are the bestest!! It is so fun to read all about the great times you are all having there - enjoy it all!!



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