Thursday, August 20, 2009

Incentive Trip Day 1

Sorry about the computer malfunction...I wasn't trying to be a tease...I promise!!
I'm here in Noosa, having an absolute ball. It's actually early on Day 2 at the moment, so I'm a day behind on here already. I was just too busy having fun to fit any blogging in yesterday! I don't have much time now, either, as we're about to head off to brekky and then to our morning activity which is a group cooking activity at a a restaurant...Masterchef here we come!
Yesterday we arrived at the airport at 10am and it wasn't long before we bumped into some other excited Demos. The Perth girls (Ngaire and Makeesha) were already there, and so was Teresa Dabrowski from Canberra with her guest Tanya. I was lucky enough to sit next to Ness on the plane and we had a lovely chat. Linda Higgins, Georgina Martin (her guest), Jayne and her hubby Gareth, as well as Aaron and his wife Karen and Dave Baugh (sp?) and his wife Jennifer and Emma Parkin-Wilson were also on the plane with us.
It's only a 90 minute flight to Maroochydoore, and then a 30 minute bus trip to the Sheraton Noosa. When we arrived at the Hotel, we were greeted with a refreshing drink in a half coconut:

Then it was up to our rooms to settle in...pretty swanky, and sooo spacious:

On the table there was an orchid in a vase, which is actually a water bottle etched with our Stampin' Up! Noosa!

This is the view from our balcony....not bad!! Dave and I spent a leisurely afternoon, acquainting ourselves with the surrounding area, and picking up some essential supplies (a bottle of bubbly, cheese, dip and bickies!). We had some lovely guests in our room for pre-dinner drinks, and lots of chats. The lovely Kim Gavarra joined us, along with Robyn Lawton and her guest Sharon, and then Teresa D and her guest Tanya.

This is me, Teresa, Sharon, Tanya and Robyn: Then it was time to get ready for the opening night dinner, which was a casual affair in the Hotel ballroom. We could all mix and mingle and have some delicious nibblies first. This is Jayne's hubby Gareth with his, Kerri Hunter, Yvonne Campbell and Jayne:

There were pretty nametags on the tables to show us where to sit (mine said Marella LOL)
This was our table Steve and Vicki Dean, Jayne and Gareth Mercer and Kim and Warren Gavarra). We were the loudest table by far (I think they'll stick us up the back next time!!)
I just had to take a pic of the dessert buffet. It was AMAZING. What to choose???

This was Dave's selection...look at that chocolate with butterflies printed on it...almost too good to eat...almost!
After dinner we had a few drinks at the bar, and then Kim, Jayne and Gareth came up to our room for a cuppa and a chat. This is what we found on the bed:
It's an apron, a chef hat, and red mini hat box. But the best bit?? The handmade, hand written card by Shelli! I'll take a closer pic of that later today when the light is better. Her handwriting is just amazing!
So what do you it me??? We have to wear these to our cooking activity today.
or maybe I should go for this look:
I always wanted to be in Little House on the Prairie!


  1. What sort of tease is this post!! Cheeky girl, getting me excited that someone had finally posted!!!

  2. OMG me too I was so excited to see someone post! This is a tease I need more lol.
    Hope your having a fabbo time so far.
    Kristy xo

  3. LOL - was so excited to see your post heading but where is the post?

    Please share! Pretty Please?

  4. thanks for the update Marelle, I've been stalking blogs since 6am! Looks like a fabo time!

  5. Glad you are having a great time! What did you learn to cook today?

  6. I love the chefs hat on you it gave me a giggle how you can give it another look.You both look like you're in your in element. Let us know how the cooking went.

  7. YAY some pics now! WOW looks awesome and like your all having soo much fun being spoiled! So cool.
    Kristy xo

  8. that shot of the view from your room brings back some memories, and I never got up Noosa way all that much (Maroochydoore is a different matter!). Everything looks fab... but I don't know why you are asking what to choose for dessertt... the answer is one of everything!

    I like the last pic best though :)

  9. Oooh, looks like so much fun. Thanks for posting the photos so we can share in some of the fun. Hope you had a great day. Love the Laura Ingalls look !

  10. looks like a fantastic trip and the desert buffet is to die for - Lesley x

  11. Oh wow it sounds like you guys have had a wonderful time away and it is well deserved.
    Susannah xo



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