Monday, February 05, 2007

Kids Rooms

We had a Garage Sale on the weekend...a great opportunity to move lots of stuff along to other people's homes, make a bit of money and help a couple of friends sell their unwanted stamps (so they can buy more Stampin' Up! stuff!). We redecorated the kids rooms in January, so there were lots of baby toys and stuff that they no longer use, including heaps of Wiggles stuff (my little boy is growing up too fast!). This is what their new rooms look like:

Both kids chose a turquoise-y colour (Jacob's is slightly darker, but you can't really tell in the pic). Amy has a new Loft Bed, so she can have her own hide-out underneath. Their rooms are so much easier to keep tidy now too, as there's more storage, and less stuff!


  1. Hi Marelle,
    Your blog looks great! You've done well :)

  2. The kids rooms look fantastic, Marelle.



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