Friday, February 02, 2007

The First Post...

Does it sound as ominous as it feels? Sending words out into the ether and knowing that they will be there for anyone to stumble across is like leaving the front door open and inviting strangers in, just to watch me go about my business.... I suppose I'll get used to it, but for now I feel quite naked! This is ME or a reflection of me, out there for everyone to see. Maybe I should just stay here in my burrow where it's nice and safe!
Seriously, or actually not-so-seriously...I mean this is a BLOG, who could take a BLOG seriously?? It sounds like a place where a toad might live, or a word to describe the stuff at the bottom of the beer glass after you've taken the last swig....

This is where I plan to share my cards and creations, made with rubber stamps, paper and ink. I'm a Stampin' Up!® Independent Demonstrator, and have been since April last year. Apart from my family, stamping is the thing that makes me happiest, and Stampin' Up! allows me to share it with others, and even makes me some money (when I don't turn around and spend it all again on stamps, that is!) What could be better?!

This is a card/calendar that everyone gets to make in my Workshops in January and February. It's a card with a calendar on the front. The 'spine' of the card is perforated, and there are magnets on the inside, so that after it's been sent as a card, it can spend a year on a fridge or filing cabinet as a calendar. I've used Rich Regals colours - Brocade blue and So saffron, and coloured with Watercolour Wonder Crayons and Aquapainter. My sister Yvette kindly bought me the mini calendars in the UK, and brought them with her when she visited us in early December.

Oh, and if you want to check out the Stampin' Up! goodies, you can see the catty here:
Don't forget to check out the Sell-A-Bration Promotion too...if you spend $100, you get to choose a stamp set for free! There's 4 sets to choose from in the Sell-A-Bration brochure...the hardest bit is deciding which one to choose! (but then you could always spend $400 and get all four ;-)


  1. Great post Marelle, thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    Have bookmarked you so I can visit often.

  2. Marelle this looks divine

  3. A fantastic way to start your blog, Marelle. Wish I was there for the calendar making! Count me in for next year!



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