Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Quick Punch Trick!

I promised that I'd be back to show you how I made the little label in THIS post, so here I am (finally!) Tina guessed correctly. Here's how I did it...complete with pictures.
First stamp your little sentiment on a scrap of cardstock, and punch it out using the SIDE of the Designer Label punch:Now, so you can feed it back into the punch, make a "handle" from another scrap of cardstock. I attach my handle using snail adhesive.
TIP: if you touch the SNAIL adhesive a few times with your finger after you apply it, it will not be as sticky, so you can easily remove the handle afterwards.

Next, feed it back into the punch and punch the other side:
Voila, a cute little label:
Here it is on my card:

Isn't it easy when you know how? I hope you learnt something new today!
Tomorrow I'll be back to show you my scallop circle trick.


  1. Nifty punch trick. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's an awesome punch trick Marelle!! I love I wish I had this punch, lol!! Cute card too. xxx

  3. innovative use of a punch eh! best wishes Lesley x

  4. Thanks Marelle - I have never thought to attach a handle before! Great tip.

  5. Hi Marelle,

    This is a great little trick and cool


  6. That is very cool little trick. Thanks so much for sharing it.



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