Monday, February 01, 2010

Renovation Pics!

Yes, finally! Thank you all for being so patient and understanding during my blogging hiatus. My catchphrase over the past few months has been "we're getting there". Every time I'd look at the chaos surrounding me, I'd remind myself that it was all a step towards "getting there". Now, I finally feel like I am almost there. Things are starting to feel normal again, and it is such a relief! I've been keeping my head down and only been taking one day at a time for so long, and it is only now that I feel I can look up and see clear through to next week! I'd forgotten what that was like!
So, without further ado, here are some pics of the (almost) finished result, as promised:
It almost looks like it has always been this way, doesn't it? Upstairs we now have a rumpus room (that's Coco making himself comfy on the beanbag!):The kids have brand new bedrooms. Amy's is Almost Amethyst (ish!):And Jacob's is Brocade Blue (sort of!):They also have their very own bathroom (still awaiting a shower screen):And downstairs we have a lovely big room, perfect for holding classes, parties, or Open Houses like the one I had yesterday:Do you like the colour? I wanted neutral, but not beige. It's called "linseed" by Dulux, but I'm calling it Sahara Sand ;o) The "wooden" floors are Vinyl planks, can you believe?! They are quiet, were quick to install, and easy to clean. I'm loving them!
This is where you can make yourself a cuppa:
And now the bit I know you really want to see.... My Craft Space. It runs along one entire wall of our Big Room (we couldn't think what to call it, as it's so many rooms in one, but the name Big Room seems to have stuck!). I have lots of storage in these cupboards. The tall ones are "besta" from IKEA. The small one hides my computer in it, and is from FreedomHere's an inside view: Sneaky, huh? It's perfect for hiding away mess and computer paraphernalia. Next to that is my favourite thing. My Craft desk!
The sideways bookcase holds all my stamps, and Dave cut it down and put it on wheels for me, so I can wheel it out. The bottom levels hold stamps that I'm not currently using (eg Spring Mini sets, not yet retired, Christmas sets, etc). The desk and drawers are from IKEA and is nice and long and deep. The drawers hold all my adhesives, tools, wheels, envelopes, and embossing gear. On my desktop the mini office drawers hold small punches, ribbon originals, rub-ons, a few inkpads (Stazon, versamark, encore), re-inkers, wheel cartridges, aquapainters and Blender Pens. I have my inkpad caddy next to that. A rack (from IKEA) holds my most-used punches (circles and ovals). I have a caddy to hold Stampin' Scrub, mist, bone folders, scissors, sanding blocks and stamp-a-ma-jig, and my Stack and Store carousel is next to that.
The desk hutch came from The Barn (office furniture store) and we brought it home to find it was about 2mm too high to fit under the stairs! So my handy husband chopped off the bottom, which left me with a narrow piece of wood, perfect to hold ribbon spools in place! It was meant to be :o)
The top shelf holds sample cards, Hodgepodge tins, markers and crayons, with room to grow. I have spare trimmers on the very top. I just love it, and can't wait to have a free day just to play. I've spent time making cards for classes, but I have yet to just stamp for me....soon!
Under the stairs is where I keep my filing cabinets, which hold all my cardstock, plus a drawer for business files.
I also keep my workshop tote there, plus a basket that holds outgoing customer orders. On top of the filing cabinets I have 12x12 paper storage units, which I bought on Ebay, and they fit perfectly. I've never had my papers so accessible before, but now I can see exactly what I've got, and use it :o) In the corner are my drawers from Howard's Storage that hold all the cut-up cardstock for classes. I can have a drawer for each class, and keep them totally organised. Dave is going to build me a new punch rack that fits on the wall under the stairs. At the moment the rack is resting on the floor. Coco has his doggie bed right next to my desk, where he can keep an eye on things.

So there you have it! If you've made it all the way through my tour, I hope you've enjoyed having a peek at our new space. We even have a spare room now, which is so exciting (currently full of boxes, but that's another story!)
I'll be back soon with some show-and-tell from my Open House.


  1. Hi Marelle
    Your Home looks amazing cant wait to see it for real next week.

  2. Hi Marelle,
    The renovations and your craft space look wonderful. lots of food for thought with storage solutions there!! thankyou for sharing and enjoy your new home xoxo


  3. Its lovely. I'm glad you've survived! Enjoy working in your wonderful new space
    Fi x

  4. Wow! The renos look so good. It gives me hope for the renos we are about to get done! Your scrapping space looks amazing. I'd love to have the space to have all my stuff like that. One day maybe...

  5. It looks amazing Marelle!! Congratulations on making it through and have fun in your 'new' home! I love the rug on Jacob's floor, Sam has the same one but I also love the doona cover - IKEA?? Thanks for showing us! Your craft room is to die for!! Cheers Jane Logan

  6. Wow Marelle!!! You gotta be happy with that!! It looks awesome!! At least you can get back to some kind of normality now hey! lol


  7. Hi Marelle

    Awesome to see you renos!! You will love having all that extra space!! We are in the process of doing plans up for an extension and I am getting very impatient as I just want it all to happen so I can start enjoying the extra room!! My craft space occupies a corner of our lounge room at present but will be moving it all into my OWN room!! Woo hoo!! Can't wait! Enjoy yours!! Di

  8. Marelle,
    OMG - what a gorgeous craft space. Good to hear that you feel like you can think a week ahead, now.
    Can I borrow your hubby 'cause mine refuses to play with wood?
    Well done

  9. Hey Marelle,
    WOW!! Your home looks fantastic, you and Dave must be thrilled.
    Congrats to you both.
    See you in Sydney for convention.
    bug hugs

  10. I just want to know when you are moving out so I can move in (LOL). Marls

  11. Wow Marelle! Cant wait to have coffee there with you sometime soon! :-)
    Luv, Me.

  12. Lovely Renovations, I am so jealous.

  13. GORGEOUS!!! LOVE IT!! And your clean open space makes me feel shame about my mess!!! Can you come sort me out please?? lol. Wish I were close enough to come and have a cuppa too! xo

  14. Hi Marelle, Wow you guys have been very busy since I last saw the house - the kids rooms look fantastic - I'm sure they are loving having their own space - especially your grown up high school girl. Love it all. Cathie

  15. Thanks so much for the tour of the new digs! It looks marvelous! ~chris

  16. The renovation is wonderful! You are the first person I have heard refer to everyday colors using SU color names. My Husband laughs everytime I do the same thing. It really helps You remember the colors.

  17. Marelle, your renos look amazing and that craft space!!!! Wow. Can we look forward to even more sensational creations ?????

  18. Hi Marelle,
    what a wonderful renovation. Lovely bedrooms and such a lovely Big room for your craft. thanks for the guided tour.

  19. Looks fabulous. I just LOVE LOVE looking at craft rooms and how people store their bits and pieces. You must be rapt to have gotten to the tail end of renovations. Enjoy your new spaces. Cheers, Sue

  20. Hi Marelle,

    I am sure it was an enormous task the reno but I think you can definitely say it was worth the wait. You have done an amazing job to make it home. It looks like a totally different place now. I think it is a perfect place now for all your crafting and your classes. Now sit back and reap the rewards of all your time and effort you have put in to make it beautiful.


  21. Wow that looks fantastic - now I am feeling a combination of jealous, and inspired to clean up my wardrobe/craft space. But mostly jealous :)
    Happy Crafting

  22. I have serious craft room envy! Enjoy your time in there I wouldn't come out!

  23. I am in love. The kid's rooms look great but the BIG room has to be my favorite. Wow what I wouldn't do for all that space. Wow. I am lost for words at how great it is.

  24. That looks so fabulous Marelle! I can just see you stamping up a storm in that big space of yours. I LOVE your stamping hutch!

  25. Wow! I am soooo jealous! It looks absolutely wonderful. All that space *sigh* In the photo of where your customers can make their tea and coffee I noticed the pet bowls - my kitchen is laid out the same way as yours and Buffy's bowls are in the exact same place and one of my stamp club ladies without fail each month will manage to step into the water bowl lol! So just watch that!!



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