Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amy's Christmas Gifts

When Amy saw my Secret Santa gifts, she wanted to make some for her friends. They are the perfect size to pop a little bracelet and necklace inside for her 3 special friends. Here is her version, which she made with just a little guidance:
They have a decidedly girly touch, don't they? We decided that the reindeer must be Rudolph's daughter! The annoying part is that I actually prefer her version of the reindeer to my own. She's 14 and already as tall as I am, and now she's teaching me a thing or two about craft as well! Maybe I'll get her to run a class on making these ;o)



  1. Wow Amy they are great! Soooo cute, well done.

  2. They are great Marelle and Amy.Mum careful we maybe holding you to that class.LOL

  3. Amy has out done herself here, look our Marelle Amy may take over in a few years.

  4. They are just to cute well done Amy and Mum! My little one want to make some now.....

  5. Sooo cute, Amy, can I sign up for your class? (or else be your next bff) LOL. Helen Cooke

  6. Kathryn Brennan19/12/11 12:00 pm

    Gosh they look great! Well done Amy



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