Friday, February 04, 2011


I love doing backgrounds using the babywipe swipe technique. I swiped with Not Quite Navy and Baja Breeze here (and masked off the moon with a punched post-it first) to make a quick night sky backgound for my owl. To get this effect, just take a baby wipe and fold it so that it is a bit wider than your piece of cardstock (I used glossy white cardstock and find that it works best). Dab a few drops of re-inker along the folded edge of the baby wipe and then 'swipe' it across the piece of cardstock. You can go back and forth a couple of times if you want to. The result is a quick and easy background. You can usually get a few backgrounds out of the one baby wipe.
....I've obviously been spending too much time watching Dora with my 2-year-old nieces because at this point all I can think of is "Swiper! No Swiping!". My apologies to those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about!
BTW, the owl is from "Fox and Friends" and the branch is from "Cheep Talk"


  1. ohhh how cute!! i've never tried the baby wipe technique before, i'll have to give it a go, always got plenty lying around with my 9month old... making cards with them seems much more appealing than their usual use..... ;)

  2. Very cute. Must try this technique sometime.

  3. Marelle this is super cute!

    I can't believe your little twin nieces are now 2!! Good lord I can remember when you posted they had been born! Time flies hey!


  4. I'd forgotten how cute that owl was! Great background - must try that one.

  5. Very cute! Have to admit, first thing I thought of when I saw your post was 'Swiper, no swiping!' too!

  6. Gorgeous card, Marelle. Despite my youngest now being 10, I thought of Swiper the fox when I read your post title! Love what you've done with this card; such a simple, but effective, technique that I'd forgotten about. Thanks for the inspiration!



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