Wednesday, April 21, 2010

March Elite Challenges

You guys are so sweet! Thank you for all the Anniversary Wishes, and comments on Dave's blog. We're planning a nice dinner somewhere, once he's over the jetlag!
I have the last 2 challenge cards to show you. We're finishing on a high note because, miracle of miracles, I was actually happy with BOTH of these creations!
Here's the Sketch Challenge from March:

I'll be using this Sketch again; it's such a nice simple one. Details HERE

And the Colour Challenge (Details HERE):

Doesn't it just make you go "aaawwww"?! Actually, it made my hubby go "B is for Turtle, O is for Lion???" *sigh*
One thing I've learnt through this whole exercise of 'picking the dud' is that everybody is so different. What appeals to me doesn't always appeal to you guys (and vice versa!). So, because I actually like these ones, that will probably mean that you all hate them LOL
So, dare I ask....What do you think?


  1. Hi Marelle,
    Both your cards are gorgeous! The baby card is just sooo sweet... Yep, made me go "aaawwww". :)
    Thanks for sharing & enjoy your anniversary dinner when Dave gets home.
    Helen H

  2. Both cards are gorgeous! The baby card has to be my fave :)

  3. Both cards are gorgeous. I like!

  4. Love them both, yep, I aaawwwed too! Beautiful job!

  5. LOL!! Yep I agree with ya today Marelle - these are BOTH lovely! Great job!


  6. Have to say Marelle - they are both brilliant. My hubby would have done the same B is for turtle, O is for Lion etc. I had to have a giggle at that!!!

  7. Love this baby card Marelle and thank your husband for my morning laugh!

  8. Both of these gorgeous cards are in my faves...does that answer your question???

  9. Happy anniversary, Marelle. And I love both those cards - hope you don't mind a little CASEing! (I'll give credit, don't worry!)

  10. I like the first one best, but they are both totally fab!

  11. Kathryn Brennan21/4/10 7:14 pm

    Love them both.

  12. Both of these are gorgeous marelle - really really nice!!! I LOVE the purple vintage vogue -so sweet and simple!! Just LOVELY!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your lovely dinner with your hubby! xxx



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