Monday, November 16, 2009

Some News!

That title really doesn't cover it....
I'm sitting here having my breakfast to the sounds of chainsaws, cranes and truck reverse-lights. Our second storey renovations start today. Trees are being removed and pruned, wood and scaffolding is arriving, and soon there will be lots of banging on my roof. We were up bright and early to meet with the Building Supervisor at 7am. My next big job is to completely empty Amy's room, our Dining room and my Craft Room/Home office/Computer November 29. We are away at Haemophilia Camp next weekend, and I still have 8 classes between now and then, plus it is Jacob's birthday on the 29th, so I am not feeling like that is a lot of time!! Not to mention the fact that I have no idea where on earth I am going to put it all??

My Farewell Spring Party yesterday was lots of fun. I had 40 lovely ladies come during the afternoon and evening to make Christmas tags and toast in the Silly Season. I had some super specials on offer, and even did a "Treasure Hunt" of some sneak peaks from the new Summer Mini.
The kids Piano Recital was yesterday morning too, so it was a busy day!

I'd better go because I have 30 team members arriving soon for a team meeting. We're having a play with some new goodies from the Summer Mini.
I'll be sending out my customer copies of the mini soon, so drop me an email if you'd like one. I'll also be doing some Shares and Product Bundles.

When I commented to my darling husband the other day that I was feeling a bit stressed, in all innocence he asked me what I had to be stressed about?! He's lucky he doesn't have a black eye LOL. He sure did cop an ear-bashing though as I proceeded to list ALL the things I am stressed about!


  1. Oh Marelle,

    You looked so calm and on top of it last night ... As always, in control and ever the lovliest hostess. Hope the first day of renovations goes incredibly well

  2. Good Lord woman, I'm feeling breathless just reading about everything you have on your plate! I would say that Dave should think himself very lucky that he still has all his limbs intact just quietly..!

    Very exciting about your renos - will we get pictorial updates along the way...?!

    S x

  3. Marelle, Marelle, Marelle, being at the team meeting this morning was very eventful and this is just the beginning.If it was anybody else I think they would just have to cancel the many things you have on your plate, but no not your. Your a real soldier.Thanks for today.

  4. Hi Marelle.....I would be an absolute stress head having all that on my plate right now! Adding a second story to your house is way exciting though!! Will that mean a nice big studio/room for you???


  5. Just as well you're a woman, Marelle, or you would NEVER cope with all of that at once! LOL! Dave is lucky he escaped with all his limbs intact! A wise person once told me the way to cope with it all is just .... breathe. I think I would add - make lists and take one day at a time. Best of luck!

  6. Hope the renovations go well, how exciting! Good luck moving everything out of the craft room!??!! How long will they take?



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