Monday, November 09, 2009

Love Languages and Jo's Choo Choo card

I've actually sat down to make quite a few cards favourite kind of card to make; not cards for classes, magazines or workshops, but cards for people. I didn't even take the time to photograph them. There was something so satisfying in getting back to basics by making a card with a person in mind, writing some heartfelt words inside, and sealing it up and sending it on it's way, to hopefully brighten their day. I had a baby card, a sympathy card and a belated birthday card to make, and I made each one very different from the next. It reminded me how therapeutic card-making is, and how nice it is to be able to give a little something of yourself to someone you care about. I even had a little light bulb moment when I was making the cards. I'm a big fan of the "love language" concept. It occurred to me that a handmade card is a whole lot of love languages bundled up together. There are the words of affirmation you write inside, the quality time you spend thinking about the recipient while you make it, the gift of the card itself, the act of service in the making and they say "a handmade card is a hug with a fold in the middle", so it even covers physical affection!
So, no matter what love language the recipient is, they will feel loved by receiving a handmade card. So if there's someone who has been on your mind, go and make them feel loved by making them a card :o)

Now I have a card to show you that I've been meaning to get around to ever since I showed you my SideStep card. This is a card made by a lovely friend and customer of mine, Jo. She's done a very cute Choo Choo version:

Isn't is it fabulous? I love how she's used the Trio Flower punch to make smoke, and stuck them on wire coming out of the funnel. Clever!


  1. Hi Marelle!! I came looking for some inspiration, and I sure got it! Thank you for reminding me what cardmaking is all about. I'm an "acts of service" girl, and I am also a huge fan of the 5 love languages. Certainly helps you understand husband & children much better!
    Have a fabulous day!

  2. That choo choo card is totally rockin'!!! Good one Jo and thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. What an adorable card, love it and thanks for sharing this card of Jo's....

  4. I hadn't thought of the "Love Languages" of a card before, but totally agree with you. What better way to show/tell someone you love them. Blessings, Joanne



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