Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Retired List is HERE

...and it's a whopper! It's our biggest list ever, because they are bringing our catalogue more into line with the US - which is fabulous news because I always want what they've got ;o)

You can view it HERE by page number
or HERE alphabetically
You might like to print it out and then highlight the retiring sets in your catalogue.
Goodbye beloved Paisley and Brocade Basics *sob*

The fantastic news is that some items are discounted by 25%!! (marked with an asterisk *) ...and a couple by 50%! (2 asterisks **)

So, check the list to see if anything you love is disappearing forever - but order it fast, because these items are only available while stocks last! Email me

Other news is that inkpads will be increasing in price to $11.95 on 1st April, so you may like to stock up on your favourite colours before then!

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