Monday, September 15, 2008

The make-over!

It was great reading all your tips on how to improve my card...I think I'll have to post some duds more often! LOL

I've taken all your tips on board, and made a new version:

Marelle Taylor Stampin' Up! AustraliaI like this one much better! :o)

I used Chocolate Chip card base, instead of the Groovy Guava, and stamped on Whisper White, instead of Very Vanilla. I substituted Groovy Guava stitched ribbon, and used a rub-on for the sentiment. I also switched the sentiment to the other side,so it would be more balanced. What a difference those few changes make!

I actually like Groovy Guava, but as some of you said, it has to be paired with the right colours, and in the right proportions. Some of you suggested switching to Chocolate Chip ribbon on the first card I made. I did originally have Chocolate Chip ribbon on there, but it just didn't look right with the words stamped in Chocolate Chip too.

OK, so let me know what you think of this one!


  1. Yep, definitely like this one much better.

  2. Hi Marelle, I think the chocolate chip with whisper white is a better combo. Cheers

  3. Love the new one! :)

  4. Yep, like this better. But there will always be some of your own cards that you aren't happy with. My best advice is to know these cards will be perfectly acceptable to others and to use them up and get them out of your sight ASAP. Save you dwelling on them. Love KimT

  5. Love the new one

  6. Oh my, yes!! 100% better! :)

  7. Hi Marelle, I like this one better too. It really made your card "pop." Great combo!

  8. Love it! Amazing how just a few small changes make such a big impact on the overall look of a card (I do still like the original dud tho!!) Thanks for sharing Marelle xoxo




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