Friday, September 12, 2008

A Dud!

Every now and then I like to show you a card that I really don't like....just to show you that we all make things that don't turn out the way we want them to!
I was thinking the other day that I'd like to make a card with this colour combo - Groovy Guava, Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla (it even sounds yummy!). And I was also thinking that I hadn't made a No Cutting card for ages (go here to see what I'm talking about). The "Free Wheeling" Promo was the perfect excuse I needed to make a card combining these 2 thoughts (I don't need much encouragement to make a card!).
So I whipped this one up in just a few minutes, immediately hated it, and it has sat on top of my filing cabinet ever since! I wasn't even going to show you all, but I do think it's good to know that we all make duds sometimes :o)

Let me know how you think I could improve this card, or whether I need to toss it, and start over!

Stamps: Priceless, So swirly Jumbo Wheel
Card: Groovy Guava, Very Vanilla
Ink: Blush Blossom, Groovy Guava, Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip and Very Vanilla

Other: Kraft Taffeta Ribbon


  1. Maybe it's just me, but I really love your "dud" card, I think it's beautiful. Kel

  2. Oh I think you are FUNNY!!

    I think its quite nice too. Love the colours and layers. You are converting me on groovy guava too. :)
    Maybe you need to tell us why you don't like it.


  3. i actually really like this card. i think everyone has their own opinion of their own work and is their own hardest critic. of course, no matter what you created, we all love you work marelle!

  4. Lol Marelle, I'm not a fan either. I think that, if you changed the guava card to chocolate brown, you would suddenly like it. I suspect there is too much of the guava colour and thats what you don't like about it.
    Otherwise, I love the look of it.

  5. I'm with Deanne...change the guava to choc and add some BLING...LOL. Actually I don't think it's that bad...but we're all our own worst critics :)

  6. I really like Groovy Guava !! (I'm almost ashamed to say)My thought was that you should add more of it !! - with some groovy guava double stitched ribbon instead of the other one. I love your "No cutting" cards and have used them several times - Thanks for all your inspiration!

  7. I think Chocolate Chip ribbon would look better!

  8. I agree with the comments of changing the Guava to chocolate chip, but then maybe use the double stitch ribbon in Guava?

    Carolyn B :)

  9. Hi Marelle, I love the card (as always ;o)!!).

    Like Tegan & Kristie said, everyone is their own hardest/worst critic (I know I am LOL!), but if you wanted to change something or add something, I would either sponge the torn edge of the guava card with either guava or choc chip ink, or change the ribbon to either very vanilla narrow grosgrain (if we still had the narrow choc chip grosgain, I would've said that one) or to the double stitched!

    Lynda x

    PS If you make changes to it, pls show us what it looks like!

  10. I really like the card...but I think a backgound of chocolate chip cardstock would pop the whole card..even another strip of chocolate chip torn paper under the groovy guava. I made a copy of the card so I could copy it! I really like it...good job!

  11. I'm with the others - it's a pretty card! :)
    But I was thinking about some stuff that I might give a go.... move the ribbon so the knot is more above the sentiment, then balance that out with some dimensional thing in the diagonal opposite bottom corner... some bling / another butterfly...
    I don't know.... LOL!

  12. I like your card, but I like everything you make, Uncle bill xxxxx

  13. Its the ribbon. Kraft ribbon is toooo dull. choc chip would be much better.
    Great cards Marelle.

  14. Sorry Marelle, I really like this card too! Groovy Guava is a bit of a 'too hard basket' colour but I reckon the combo you have used is great. Maybe I'll have to have a play myself and see if I change my mind but at the moment it's a "Go you, I like it!!"


  15. Hi Marelle
    I am a SU demo - I like the stamped images - I dont like the ribbon or the GG - mounted on a Choc Chip or Close to Cocoa. Perhaps use the GG ribbon? I like the idea of showing Dud cards - does she we are human and not know it alls! Thanks for sharing - I really enjoy your creations!!!!!
    Lisa Martin
    (Lisa Martin 1974 on Splitcoast).

  16. Oh I like the GG, I think the ribbon is the wrong colour. needs to be wider and a darker colour :)
    My 5cents worth lol


  17. I really like it! Having said that, I have not yet touched anything Groovy Guava and I've had them since April. Maybe I should give it a go!

  18. Hi Marelle, well, I came in here to suggest changing the Guava for Chocolate Chip so it would POP more... but it looks like several others beat me to it!


  19. Are there many who don't "get along" with GG? I just knew that many hated apricot appeal... I like GG, dunno why. I have loads of clothing in similar guava/salmon colours, maybe that's why :) Makes my eyes pop xD

  20. Hi Marelle, well I'm not much help, I think the card is lovely as it is. Maybe its because its outside your usual colour scheme you don't like it? Deb

  21. I decided very early on that Vanilla makes Guava look yuck, so I think if I was to make this card I'd swap the Vanilla for Whisper White and then see if it needed any more tweaking. But over all I wouldn't say it was too bad

  22. I'd go Choc Chip ribbon, otherwise it's great!

  23. I agree with Carol - guava and vanilla are not good friends.

    The card is perfectly 'fine', but it is not 'great', so it depends on if you were going for 'thank goodness it's finished as I needed a quick card' or if you wanted something that 'pops' more.

    That made NO sense lol

    Cass x



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