Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm loving all the girly, swirly stuff in the new Catalogue! This card took shape from the flower outwards. I started off by dyeing one of the largest flowers in the Pretties kit. I think it's so great that these come plain and you can dye them to match whatever project you are working sure saves having to buy flowers in a million different colours, but still never having the right shade!
I dyed mine with a sponge dauber and a Purely Pomegranate re-inker, but you can also colour them with crayons, pastels, or any colouring medium at all really. And here's a tip that I bet you never thought of...wait for it to dry before trying to attach it to your card (patience is not one of my strong points LOL). Those ink specks around the flower are meant to be there, OK?!
After my flower was coloured and set aside to dry, I stamped the swirls from 'Priceless' in Old Olive ink, and stamped the teeny flower from 'Priceless' in Pale Plum. "So Kind" is also from 'Priceless' , which I inked in Pale Plum, and then carefully inked the row of dots in Purely Pomegranate. There's no marker, so I used my ink pad. I was almost careful enough, and only slipped a little bit on the "o" (I won't try and convince you that it was meant to be there, but I was too lazy to re-do it)
I stamped and cut out 2 more flowers from "Priceless' for the centre, and adhered them with a gorgeous Olive Rhinestone.
I love, love, love the Wide Olive Grosgrain ribbon, and it was just what this card needed at the bottom. I cut a small slit in the spine of the card with my horizontal slot punch and fed the ribbon through the card and tied it in a knot.


  1. that's a pretty card.

    West Bremerton flowers

  2. LOVE IT ;0)

  3. i LOVE the colour of the flower!! This is definatley one i really realy love. Good work!

  4. I thought I could live without Priceless, it's been on my wishlist and off my wishlist and back on again. After seeing this card.. Definitely back on!

    Thanks :P

  5. LOL Marelle, you've given me a good giggle this morning with your tips re patience! I thought I was the only one who does things like that... Beautiful card, and yes, Priceless is back on my 'must have' list too :D

  6. Hi Marelle,

    lovely card. I was similarly impatient with a flower I had covered in CE recently - it sure makes a mess when it isn't dry properly! So what item no. in the catty is patience????

  7. I absolutely love this! Love how you put the flower together, and love the colours



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