Monday, April 09, 2007

For my Sister...
Some of you may know that my 9-year-old daughter Amy and I went to London mid last year to visit my sister Yvette, who's living over there at the moment. We had the most amazing time seeing London and Paris with her, and my Christmas present to her was an album of special memories from the trip. BUT in October and November last year I was asked to make a 60-page album for an anniversary present for an Auntie and Uncle-in-law. So, Yvette's receiving her album in installments this year (and possibly next year too, since it's April and this is my first page!!)
This is a page of us having rosé and milkshakes at a café outside Notre you do!
The colours are Rose Red, Bravo Burgundy, Perfect Plum, Brilliant Blue and Elegant Eggplant, and the Stamp Set is Delight in Life (a Sell-a-Bration set).


  1. My sister! This looks fantastic - I love the colours! Brings back very happy memories. I can't wait to see all the other pages as they come rush though!

  2. Great idea Marelle! What a lovely sister you are.

    Love the layout - the photos are lovely and the stamped flowers looks so pretty.



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