Tuesday, April 20, 2010

February Elite Challenges

Only 4 more challenge cards to go!
From the January cards, I preferred Card Number 1. Even though it's not my usual style (messy, instead of crisp), I kinda liked it. Card number 2 was a just a bit boring, I thought.

Of today's two cards, one I dislike so much that I'm really tempted not to show you at all. I was going to re-make it, but I haven't had time, so I'm going to show it to you in all it's ugliness. I'm not even going to make you guess. Here it is, a Sketch Challenge:

Yuk. Where do I begin?? The black on there is all wrong, the colours are really really bright, and the background is too plain. Basically, it needs a complete overhaul!
If you want to see what NOT to put on card, click HERE

Card Number 2 is a bit better. I'm not sold on the colours, but it came together OK:

I wanted to try out a "snow dome" Sweet Treat Cup. I've sealed up a cup with water and glitter inside, and popped Mr Whale from "Fox and Friends" behind it. I had heaps of fun making this one! (and it hasn't leaked yet!)
You can see the ingredients for this one HERE

So, are we all in agreement today?? LOL


  1. Nope........can't agree with you today!roflol

    I actually LOVE the first card and think you have tied the black in beautifully - but the second card doesn't float my boat much! I think it would be gorgeous done in different colours though!


  2. What are you talking about Marelle? They both look great.


  3. Kathryn Brennan20/4/10 2:05 pm

    I do like the first one, if for no other reason than I couldn't come up with it myself. But the second is great! It's so impressive to see your work.



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