Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My New Family Pic

You guys are really observant! It seems that a few of you noticed our new family photo over there ----->

I can't take the credit for the gorgeous pic. I'm lucky enough to have one of the best family photographers in Australia as my cousin (no I'm not at all biased!). I'm not a big fan of studio photography, and just wanted some natural and relaxed pics of us at home, and that's what Amanda specialises in. You can see more of her work at Spitting Image Photography. She also runs really popular photography classes for kids!
Here are my 2 favourite pics of the kids (including the furry kid!)


  1. They are great family pics. Fantastic family memories.


  2. What fabulous photos. BTW - you don't look old enough to have a 12 year old!

  3. There just beautiful and natural pics. What a sweet family

  4. what gorgeous photo of the kids .. oh and all of you ;) You didnt mention that YOUR photo is on your cousins website!! Noice one of you and Amy!



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