Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Construction Zone!

I thought I'd pop in and show you a few photos of our house a.k.a the Construction Zone.
The scaffolding arrived on Monday and they took the roof off yesterday:

The front path and gate is a no-go zone:

And this is what greets me when I open my front door!
We're getting lots of lovely debris drifting through the bathroom fans, downlights and skylights so already there is dust everywhere. It's exciting though! At the end of all this there will be 2 kids rooms, a rumpus room and bathroom upstairs and a big open Craft area (that will also serve as our dining room) downstairs. The aim is to have downstairs done by Christmas so we can paint in January. Upstairs will be to lock-up stage by Christmas, and work will resume on that in late January. In the meantime, the kids are sharing a room...lucky they get on well!


  1. Oh awesome photos Marelle! Its gonna be soooooo excellent to have it all done and dusted!!(parden the pun! lol)

    Keep the progress pics coming so we can all watch along too!


  2. wow how exciting all these renos happening. It will so be worth the wait you will have a large area for yourself. It will be so much better.


  3. Seeing this reminded me of our renovations so I went back through my blog and looked at all the photos. Remembering all the dust, noise and reorganising brought back memories but keep the end result in mind as I am so happy with our new house and it was all worth it. Just remember that you now have a reason not to worry too much about housework!! That's a definate plus.



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