Friday, September 04, 2015

Guess which card?

I just realised that I haven't shared the card I made for baby Miles. My sister is a stylish-and-simple kind of gal, so I wanted to come up with something very clean and minimalist. I had 2 ideas running through my brain, so I made them both!
Here's a sweet little cloud:

The star has a touch of dazzling diamonds glitter to bling it up just a bit.
And here's a moon:
This star is punched from Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper.
Can you guess which one I decided to give her?

Edited to add: I gave her the little cloud card (and she loved it!)

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  1. Naomi Cramb4/9/15 10:29 pm

    You gave her the cloud one?!?! Beautiful, simple cards. Love them.

  2. I'm going with the moon.

  3. I love the moon and star card. Cathie W xx



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