Thursday, May 15, 2014

Salt 'n' Pepper Roses

When I bought the Spiral Flower Die I went a little mad making lots and lots of roses, of various sizes and colours. I made vintage roses, double roses, rosebuds, and these roses on stems (floral wire). Then I went looking for a suitable vase at my local $2 Shop, and stumbled across some Salt and Pepper shakers (for the princely sum of $2 a pair). Originally I was going to take the lid off, but when I got home I realised that the floral wire fit perfectly in the holes and helped hold the flowers in place.
All it needed was a little bit of jazzing up and voila! Salt 'n' Pepper roses!
TIP: The leaves are actually petals from the Blossom Punch.

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  1. Welcome home Marelle enjoyed following your trip around USA . LOVE your salt and pepper roses
    Marilyn R xx

  2. You are too clever Marelle!!



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