Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary... me! Today marks 6 years since I joined Stampin' Up! And what an incredible 6 years it's been. Have you seen the movie 'Sliding Doors'? In my other 'Sliding Doors' life, there's a Marelle walking around, completely oblivious to the giant hole that's in her life because she didn't join Stampin' Up! There's hundreds (yes literally hundreds!) of friends that she doesn't have and so many special memories and moments with her children that she missed out on because she's out working full time. And she doesn't get to go to Stampin' Up! Convention next week (I can't wait!!)
Thanks for allowing me that moment of sentimental philosophising...I always get a bit nostalgic at this time of year!

To celebrate this milestone, I'm running a 6 day special. It runs from today (19th May) until next Thursday (24th May). Every order that I receive during this time will be entitled to receive the following Special Offer: Order 6 items, and receive 20% off one of them! You can take the 20% off whichever one you like (but if you're smart, you'll make it the most expensive one!)

If you order more than 6 items, you get 20% off every 6th item ...and before you ask, yes the Big Shot is included in this offer! Normal shipping and handling charges apply. As a extra-special bonus, every 6th order that I receive will include an extra gift from me :o)
Email me to take part!


  1. Congratulations on your 6 years ..... all the fun you've had AND all the fun that's yet to come! Helen

  2. Happy Stampinversary!!

  3. Congratulations Marelle on your anniversary and thanks for all your inspiration.

  4. I have followed you for many years. We met briefly at last Canberra Convention. Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for sharing your talent and love of stamping with us. Terese.

  5. Happy Anniversary Marelle, where would we all be if you hadn't found Stampin' Up & we hadn't found you. Congrats, Vic

  6. Happy Anniversary my wonderfully talented, brave and inspriring sister! I'm so glad you walked through the 'right' door at your Sliding Doors moment all those years ago.

  7. Happy Anniversary Marelle - you've had a great 6 years - love the "Sliding Doors" comment. How many of us think about "what could have been" instead of going for it. Enjoy the next 6 years too! Cheers, Wendy

  8. Well done Marelle,
    This is such a big milestone.
    Congratulations.I am sure there will be many many more anniversaries.
    You are a wonderful lady and a special friend who without stampin up I wouldn't have known.
    xx Di

  9. Happy 6th Anniversary! You are an inspiration and a role model. I'm so glad I joined your team :o)



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