Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fiji Incentive Trip - Day 1

Well it has been a jam-packed 3 days and blogging just hasn’t been possible until now (you'll see why when you read on!). So you’ll be getting a whole lot of Fiji updates now in one go. This will be a long one, so grab a cuppa before you start reading! I’m not sure how well photos will upload, as the Internet connection here is not the most reliable or fast, and is also not cheap either!

Day 1
Almost a full day travelling... We left home at 7am and arrived in Fiji at 5:30pm. It’s always part of the fun, seeing everyone at the airport and getting excited together…although this year we were missing our IT buddies Jayne and Jo :o(
After our flight, we were greeted at Nadi airport by a blast of heat and humidity and some friendly faces holding a Stampin’ Up! sign. They placed a ceramic necklace around our necks and gave us refreshing (and very welcome!) damp towels and cold water.
Here I am, arriving at Nadi airport with Teresa and Tanya and our friendly Fijian welcoming committee
We are staying on Denarau Island at the 5 star Sofitel Resort. Our room has a gorgeous view of the gardens and ocean:

After we were shown to our room, we had just enough time to visit the Hospitality Room to pick up some ‘candy’, check out the NEW Summer Mini (coming in December) and spin the wheel (Beau Chateau DSP for me!), unpack and have a quick shower and change when there was a knock on the door. We had been told that we all had to be in our room at 6:45pm, but had no idea what was in store. This is what greeted us when we opened the door:

We collected a couple of other surprised stampers on our way and were led to a cocktail lounge. It was lovely to sip cold fruity drinks and catch up with everyone. We were treated to a display of native dancing and then followed the drum beats to dinner.
It was a traditional Fijian Buffet with all sorts of amazing food to try. There was a Fijian band playing throughout dinner, and at our tables were hand-painted Fijian art with our names on them, done by a local artist. Mine was a fish in beautiful blues and gold. I think I’ll be framing this when I get home!
We knew that Shelli had celebrated a ‘big’ birthday the day before, so we presented her with some special jewellery made by Linda's guest, the clever Denielle, and we had the Fijian band play Happy Birthday while we all sang along.
It was a great night, but we’d had a long day and knowing that we had a VERY early start the next day, we headed off to bed. In our room was this gorgeous Beach bag, perfect for our Day 2 activity:

My personalised Fijian art and Beach Bag gift


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Ooh yay - can't wait to read your posts. Sounds like you're having a fabulous time. Congratulations on earning the trip.

  3. It all looks great - enjoy every minute!

  4. Hey Lovely One! Loving the fact that you get to reap the rewards of all your hard work. Dave looks like he's having lots of fun too. So glad you posted, having been checking daily for an update. xo

  5. Hi Marelle,
    Loved catching up with you in Fiji, and these stories and pictures are just fabulous! So glad you encouraged me to do that waterfall massage with you! I hope you, Dave and the kids are having a wonderful time together. Love and friendship, Ngaire



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