Sunday, August 07, 2011

Off to a bumpy start....

My new little nephew Leo made his entry into the world on Thursday...all 4.5kg of him! Unfortunately it wasn't a smooth one. He has spent the first few days of his life in Intensive Care as he was having difficulty breathing and needed to be intubated. When we visited on Friday this was the frightening sight that greeted us:

....more wires and tubes than baby :o(
He is improving in leaps and bounds each day and yesterday he was taken off breathing assistance and my sister was able to have her first cuddle.
Here's the little cutie, minus most of the wires and tubes:

It's been a traumatic few days for all of us, and I think we're all feeling a bit shell-shocked. It will be such a relief when he is out of Intensive Care, but at the moment we are just taking one day at a time...I'm looking forward to my first cuddle too.
I sat down and made a card for him yesterday (it was "cards as therapy" I think!) and I'll be back to show you that soon. I'm feeling quite helpless here and visiting hours are extremely restricted, so I'm trying to keep busy!
All your thoughts and prayers are really appreciated...


  1. Oh Marelle,
    My love goes out to you and your sister and this very special little man.
    May God keep a watchful eye over him at this delicate time in his life, and may your sister and her partner find strength in those around them.
    Much love to you all,
    x Manda

  2. He's beautiful Marelle. I'm sure he'll continue to make a speedy recovery with all the prayers being said for him and your sister. Looking forward to seeing the card you've made for him.

  3. Hi Marelle,
    It must be such a hard time for all of you.
    He is adorable!!! When Aunty 'Relle gets her 1st cuddle she will feel much better too.Also hope your sister is on the improve.
    xx Di

  4. Oh Marelle! Your pictures bring back so many memories. Little Leo, your sister and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. May his recovery be swift and his prognosis healthy. Love to you xoxo

  5. He is beautiful, my heart goes out to your sister, it must be such a rollercoaster, my thoughts are with you all.

  6. Thinking of you and your family, Marelle, may God bless little Leo and help him continue to grow strong.

  7. Marelle,

    I am happy to hear things are looking a little better then Friday, I have been praying for Leo and Yvette, everyone really. He is just gorgeous!

    Sending love....


  8. Oh Marelle,
    Thoughts and prayers are with your sister and family at this special time.
    May each day with all the love & care surrounding Leo make him stronger.
    Love & thoughts to you all

  9. You can do it Leo.
    Lots of little hugs, Di Borg xx

  10. What a relief it must be to seeing Leo growing stronger day by day. Congratulations to Yvette on a very beautiful and special little man, and to you all for being so strong through this tough time. He is in a fabulous place at RPA (despite the restricted visiting times). It will be wonderful, of course, to have him home soon
    Jo S oxo

  11. Marelle, I'm sure it was such a scary time - especially for your sister - but by the look of the babe, and the removal of most of the 'stuff' it looks like he is well on his way to being pampered and spoilt by all! He is so cute too....makes me clucky!!!

  12. Hi Marelle, My heart goes out to you all. Leo is so gorgeous and such a precious big! bundle of joy. So relieved he is showing such improvement and I hope it continues at a fast pace.

    All my love to you all,
    Robyn L xxx and lots of much needed hugs.

  13. Hi Marelle, My thoughts are with you, Leo, Yvette and your parents. I truly hope you get good news fast and you can all feel such relief. Congratulations on this new little one to love. Luv KimT



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