Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We have a winner!

Well, now that you've managed to spot all the mistakes in my card that even I didn't notice...;o)
I'm going to give the prize to Pamela. She was the first to guess:
"the Umbrella order is wrong (for you only) instead of up down, up, up(arch), down you may have wanted it down, up, down, up(arch), down....."
which is exactly correct, and that's how I re-made the card, to satisfy my sense of order!
Send me an email Pamela, and I'd love to send you some gorgeous Ribbon Originals samples!
Now there are probably a million mistakes is this card too, but I don't want to know about them LOL!

Same Stamp Set, same design, just a change of image and colours. This time I've used Pale Plum, and punched the square twice to make a rectangle window.

for those that keep asking...972 to go! :o)


  1. Hi Marelle! This is just so lovely!! I love the elegant simplicity. I am guessing the number on your blog is how much you need to make the incentive trip!! YOU GO GIRL YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    Can't wait to meet and swap with you at convention!


  2. You'll make 972 no problem at all! Even if it means a stack of snail refills to get you over the line :) Woo hoo, Palm Cove here you come!!!



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