Monday, August 06, 2007

Christmassy enough???

OK I need you guys to settle a debate between hubby and I. I've used Scribble This to make a Christmas card, and according to hubby (bless him!) I've come up with a "Birthday card with Season's Greetings on it"
So, I need some second opinions... Does this say Christmas to you, or do I need to make it more Christmassy? I could add more green to it, or make the red redder (I'm really not much of a red girl, and tend to shy away from Real Red).
Be honest! (*gulp* did I just say that?)


  1. Red does not a Christmas make. I think the Scribble flower looks like a poinsettia, so yes it is Christmas-y. If anything, I might go for a touch more green (above the ribbon maybe?)

  2. Hi Marelle!!!

    I think people need to let go of the old green and red equals Christmas type cast... step outside the box, i say.

    It's a beautiful card!

    P.S-- I am addicted to your blog. I seriously LOVE everything you do. Good job!


  3. Hi Marelle,

    Nope - that definately screams xmas to me - think you have done a lovely job with that one!!

    Mackay QLD

  4. Yep, hubby definitely loses this round! My first thought was also poinsettia, like Carol said :)

  5. I'm with hubyy on this one!

    I think it is the red and the green you've used on the flower itself, maybe go darker? And add a bit more green somewhere.

    A beautiful birthday card with season's greetings on it!!

  6. Well I think it is just lovely and would certainly love to receive it for Christmas.

    Stampin' Up in the ACT

  7. I love this card and the colours. Great to not always do the 'traditional Christmas colours', I would say!

  8. Oooh tough one. It's a gorgeous card but I think I'm with hubby on this one. I'm not a traditional Christmas colour person but when I first saw the card it didn't say "Christmas" to me.

  9. Sorry Marelle, I like the card and I can see the link with Christmas and Poinsettia but maybe it's the pink-red tone rather than Real Red. But I am not sure because I used Cranberry Crisp and Bravo Burgundy for Christmas myself? Kim

  10. Hi Marelle i am with Hubby its a truly beautiful card but it doesn't scream xmas to me.
    as always your work is perfect.

  11. Perhaps it needs some "bling" to Christmassy it up a bit?


  12. Marelle, I really love this card! I think it would be even more Christmassy if you went down the bling track as Rebecca suggested... add some Gold cord maybe?

  13. Marelle - I LOVE this didn't scream Christmas to me though...sorry, I agree with hubby on this one :(

    It does look like a poinsettia... but yep - maybe some Real Red! (eeek!).... I really not a trad Chrissie colours girl either....

    gorgeous card as always though (and you are MAKING me buy this set)

  14. Hi Marelle! I'm catching up on all your entries I missed while I was away... I Love this card - it's beautiful! But... I think I agree that the colors don't say Christmas to me. So, what's the final score??



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