Saturday, September 12, 2020

Poppies by Elizabeth

I have another Shoebox Swap card to share with you today. This card was made by me, but not designed by me. All of the Shoebox cards were designed by some lovely ladies in my team for our Stamp Camp weekend retreat. Some designs I changed very little and others I altered a bit (usually because I made a boo-boo that needed covering up!). 

This card is by Elizabeth Yager.  I made several mistakes in the making of this first attempt at lining up the 3 punched failed dismally, and even my second attempt was not perfect, so I moved all 3 poppies slightly to the left to disguise the mistake. There's no mistakes in stamping, right?! You can see the supplies we used listed below. 

What is a Shoebox Swap, I hear you ask? All the ingredients for making a card are included in each box, including pre-cut cardstock. It's great to be able to sit down and make 10 cards without having to think/plan/design.

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