Monday, September 17, 2012

Blooming with Kindness Design Process

I thought I'd show you a little of the "design process" that I went through to come up with a card suitable for a make-and-take at my Launch Party. The resulting card needed to be quick, foolproof but still 'wow'. Here was my first version:

I liked it but decided the Embosslit button was too time-consuming to repeat 40 times for 40 people, and I felt like the DSP strips were a bit busy. Then I got a parcel in the order arrived with a new Embossing Folder in it (yay!!), and I came up with this:

I liked that more, but I thought that the ladies might struggle a bit with the DSP flags. That brought me to the end result (which I've already shown you, but here it is again:

Actually there was one more variation, where I went back to Midnight Muse for the base card colour, and that's what I ended up going with. So, sometimes designs just "happen", and sometimes there's a process. The nice thing is, that the steps you take to get you to the final result makes quite a pleasant journey :o)

1 comment:

  1. Lovely card Marelle. Love that stamp and the folder. Regards Meighan



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