Friday, March 30, 2012

Just for a Laugh

My hubby has been attending "World Balloon Convention" in Dallas for the past 10 days. He's home safely now, with many a tale to tell!
A few of the ladies at my classes got a sneak peak of his "Circus Themed" costume, and I thought you all might like to have a giggle at my hubby, dressed as a Human Cannonball. You can view his blog post HERE.
....Gotta love a man who's not afraid to let the whole world have a laugh at his expense! Make sure you leave him a comment!


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Alison Barclay said...

What an awesome blog and occupation!!!! You family must enjoy being such a creative household....and may I add that there is nothing quite so spectacular as a well-choreographed balloon drop!! :)
Thank you for sharing!


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