Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Convention 2010

I always come home on such a high from Convention. Even though I'm exhausted, I think I haven't stopped smiling for the past 5 days! It is such a battery-recharger. There's nothing like being in a room full of 500 other like-minded people who all share the same obsession...I mean passion....as you. Seeing stamping demonstrations, learning new tips and tricks, chatting in person to people you have previously only met online, getting brand new stamp sets, shopping in Memento Mall and being totally spoilt at the Awards dinner were just some of my favourite things. It is just so much fun from beginning to end. I'm sorry to say that I don't have many photos to share with you all. I was too busy soaking it all in to even pull out my camera most of the time!
I did take a few pics, though...I can't resist sharing a photo of some of my 'girls'. They are the loveliest bunch of people you could ever hope to meet. There were 13 of us at Convention. Here we are in front of the stage:
And here we are glammed up for the Awards dinner:
Don't we scrub up well?! And a few more of my favourite people:
Teneale, Georgina and Jayne, looking gorgeous.
And a couple more:
Steph Pike and Sarah Klass, beautiful people inside and out.

I think this year was more exciting than ever, because our Convention bag contained 2 brand-new stamp sets that will be in our September Catalogue. Shelli also had a surprise for us on the last day - an extra new set for everyone, and it's gorgeous! I also came home with 6 other new stamp sets, because I won some awards, which was really exciting...although I hate walking across the stage, and can't get off there quick enough!! One of my downlines joked that she had to set her camera to the 'sport' setting to be able to catch me! LOL I also came home with a Burberry Scarf and Necklace. Sarah laughed at me because I didn't even know what Burberry is *blush*
I feel like I'm bragging if I tell you what awards I won, so I'll just say that 4 is definitely my favourite number this week ;o) If you want to know more, you can see it on my About Me page. I will tell you that I had tears in my eyes when I collected my Incentive Trip Certificate and pin, because there's no way I would have even been up there if not for the support of so many lovely people. So, thank you so so much.
Now it's heads-down-bums-up to earn the Incentive Trip to Fiji in 2011! I'm going to try and not leave my dash so late this time!


  1. Congratulations Marelle on a fabulous year and on your awards. Loved your 'sports mode' story! :-) Sue xx

  2. Congratulations Marelle! I read your blog often (and CASE lots of your ideas LOL!) and look forward to getting to know you at Hamilton island.

  3. Congrats Marelle on your awards and wow how faulous Fiji next year!!
    Kristy xx

  4. Congratulations Marelle, well done!!

  5. Congratulations Marelle, what a fantastic achievement!

  6. Congrats from me too Marelle.. great photos.. don't you girls all look gorgeous! See you in October :-)

  7. Marelle, you sure are a happy little vegemite! Well done! You deserve all the awards and gifts.
    Luv R

  8. just checked out all your awards!!! Well done Marelle, that's awesome and well deserved x

  9. Marelle I know that you don't know me but I sure know you and stalk your blog often! I just wanted to say that your write up of Convention is perfect - I was there watching you 'speed walk' across the stage ... really you didn't need to - I love your enthusiasm, passion and inspiration - a true SU chick - well done you for all that you have achieved - you deserve it.



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