Sunday, May 10, 2009

DSP book update

Thanks to everyone for your interest in the DSP book. I have enough people to go ahead with one group, and am starting another. Let me know by this Friday 15th May if you would like one. Postage will be $5.50, anywhere in Australia (or you are welcome to pick up from me). These are only available to Australian and NZ residents, and Demonstrators are more than welcome to purchase them.
I haven't got around to emailing everyone who has requested one yet - that's tomorrow's job! If you have requested one via a comment on my blog, can I ask that you also email me, as Blogger often doesn't let me reply to comments.
I use mine all the time, when deciding on which paper to use. It's much easier than pulling out a pack! And considering our catalogue is going to be around for 17 months, this one is going to see a lot of use!
Hope all the Mums out there are having a lovely Mother's Day. My family have spoilt me today, and tonight my Mum is coming over so I can spoil her!


  1. Looking fwd to it. One thing, I love the new in-colours & DSP so am so glad we won't have to say farewell in April.

  2. Hi Marelle! Got your comment on my blog--I was going to email you to see if you had any pictures--dang I was sure we took one with one of our cameras, didn't we? Must've been Keesh's--which is now lost. :(

    You did such an AMAZING job on your presentation!!!! And as always, keep up the good work on your blog--it always gives me tons of ideas!



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