Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunny Boy Tutorial

Here is the tutorial I promised you! Those of you in the U.S. would know these as Sour Cream containers, but here in Australia they're Sunny Boy containers. They are really quick and easy to make, and a great way to package up a couple of little Easter gifts. Enjoy!
1. Cut a piece of A4 cardstock in quarters (14.8 x 10.5cm). You can use a larger piece to make bigger containers, but this size is really cute! I've used almost Amethyst.
2. Stamp as desired (because who wants a plain container??) I've used the Twinkle wheel (retiring) in Lovely Lilac.
3. Score 1cm from each end, with your cardstock in Portrait orientation (my team members know this step really well, because I told them to do it the wrong way in our meeting last week *blush*). I used my trimmer with a Scoring Blade, but you could also use a Bone Folder and a Ruler.
4. Apply Sticky Strip along one of the shorter edges. Sticky Strip is extra-strong double-sided tape...this stuff really does STICK!
5. wrap your cardstock around a cardboard tube (a used paper towel roll or loo roll does nicely!) This is not essential, but makes it easier to form a smooth tube shape. Peel the backing off the Sticky Strip and affix along the opposite edge of the cardstock to form a tube.
6. Flatten one edge with your bone folder. Try and make sure the join is not exactly in the middle, but slightly to one side. Use a piece of Sticky Strip to join this end together
7. Flatten the opposite end with your bone folder, this time at right angles to your other side. You can join the ends together with Sticky Strip, or punch a couple of holes and tie a piece of ribbon through it to hold it closed.
8. Punch a tag using the greeting of your choice. I've used the Bunny Hugs set (retiring) in the Summer Mini. I punched 2 tags, and stuck them together and then watercoloured them.
Attach your tag with some pretty ribbon. I've used Pink Organdy (retiring)

Please let me know by email if any of those steps aren't clear, or if you have any trouble!


  1. oh right you mean a SNIP i was wondering what you meant by Sunny Boy!

  2. Thanks a heap Marelle, I have just finished making a whole heap of sunny boys for the girls at work tomoz - great tutorial ...Carolin

  3. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I tried to make these once and wasn't too successful. With your great instructions I think I'll give it another go! ~chris

  4. GREAT instruction - really clear Marelle - Thanks!

  5. Thanks Marelle

  6. Thanks Marelle. Next time I will read your instructions properly - I too scored mine the wrong way !! LOL I have a very long and thin container !!



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