Monday, March 10, 2008

My favourite things...

The stamp set Blooming with Happiness wins my prize for my favourite Level 1 Hostess set (I'm sure it's very honoured to receive such an esteemed award LOL)
I just love the crisp, fine lines, the little details and the way it lend itself to simple cards like
this and this.
If you'd like to own this set before it's gone forever, you need to place a $300 order by the end of March. It's easier than you think...just show your friends the Retirement List and there's bound to be some things they can't live without! You'll also get an extra $30 to spend on yourself too!My favourite 2007-8 In Color award goes to Cool Caribbean (with Cranberry Crisp a close runner-up)
I've cut my cardstock length-ways for this card. You still get 2 cards from an A4 sheet, but the "spine" of the card will be at the side for a landscape card, or at the top for a portrait. I like having the spine at the side because when you sit your card on the mantelpiece so everyone can admire it for days on end (because of course that's what everyone does with handmade cards, right?!?), it sits up nicely instead of gradually lying flatter and flatter.
It also gives you that "Something Extra" before you've even started. I'm a big believer in Something Extra...I think every card should have something that makes you want to keep on looking. It can be an added detail like Paper-Piercing, a bit of texture, or some sparkle...just those extra details that turn it into something special, and beg the question "how did you do that?"
To make the Arched window here, I used my 1 3/8" square punch (punched in from the side) and then my 1 3/8" circle punch also punched in from the side, to punch out a semi-circle on top of the square. Always use your punches upside down, so you can see exactly where you're punching.
The rest of the card is really easy...a row of Umbrellas stamped in Basic Black. I've attached a piece of Whisper White inside the card, so one of the umbrellas is stamped on that. I've highlighted some of the flowers with my White Gel Pen, and the inside umbrella I've coloured some flowers in Cool Caribbean. I positioned the sentiment on top of the window using the Stamp-a-ma-jig.
The strip along the bottom is made using the Corner rounder punch (guard removed) and the Paper Piercing mat pack.
Now, can anyone spot the mistake in this card?
After taking the photo, I realised, and even re-made the card, but I was too lazy to re-take the photo! There's a little ribbon-y prize for the first person to guess (sorry fellow demos, you'll have to miss this one, so ssshhhh!)


  1. Good morning Marelle,
    I am guessing the mistake is that the umbrella in the cut out is leaning in the wrong direction. It should be leaning to the right to match the ones on the card front.
    Robyn A

  2. Think I am in second place. I to agree that it is the umbrella in the window facing the wrong direction. Still looks great, Marlene

  3. That's a very nifty trick with the punches!

    I have a theory about the card, but keeping my trap shut :)

  4. Hello!
    The card is adorable! My guess is that the tiny mistake is in the alignment of the circle and square punches to create the arched window? It's difficult to see (since the photo is small), but it looks like they might have been just a little off. And you mentioned in your instructions to always use the punches upside-down to see where you are punching, so I thought I'd see if they were aligned on your card...

  5. that is such an uber adorable card

  6. Mistake, where, anyhow who cares the card is fabulous. I love coming to your blog to check out your work.

    Regards Pam

  7. My guess is the Umbrella order is wrong (for you only) istead of
    up down, up, up(arch), down you may have wanted it

    down, up, down, up(arch), down.....

    just my guess

  8. I think the umbrellas left of the window are wrong because the third umbrella and the one in the window are in the same direction. The third one should be upside-down I think!

  9. Well there's the umbrella thing, but I think you didn't like the fact that the arch wasn't centered between the 2 stamped umbrellas. Wonderful card either way. I think it looks great even with a mistakes. Mistakes are after all just creativity waiting to happen.

  10. I can't think of anything wrong..its a beautiful way to use this set..
    But since you say there is something amiss, I would have to say that the umbrella in the window should have been to the right and upside down..if you follow logical progression!

    Cards don't use mathematical progression! So I don't think any thing's amiss!


  11. I'm going to guess that the umbrella is not facing the direction you wanted.

  12. Hey Marelle, YOU are one of my favourite things - I've given you the 'You make my day' award, the details are on my blog!

  13. Hi Marelle, love this card and all you do....if anything is amiss with this card I would agree with others that it is the order/direction of the umbrellas but hey who cares it looks fantastic xoxoxo

  14. Hey I have this card :)

    Now I have to go and check if I have the 'mistake' one (I'm guessing the fact that both the umbrella in the window and the one next to it are facing up???)

  15. Super super cute!!! Love this idea! Might have to case this one! Thanks for the inspiration! {SMILES}



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