Thursday, August 09, 2007

Take Two...

OK, a few minor changes and hopefully a Christmassy-er result??
You know when you've looked at something for so long that you can't even see it anymore? Well that's me at the moment. Ignore the blur in the photo. I didn't even notice it until I'd already cropped, adjusted, etc. I think I need to get my eyes checked.
I just couldn't bring myself to do full-on RED, so this is Cranberry Crisp with Red direct-to-papered on top. I've used watercolour paper for the poinsettia to get more depth of colour.
So come on, (and I can't believe I'm saying this! *sigh*) be this Christmassy?


  1. Holy Cow Marelle - THAT IS STUNNING!! Absoloutely that is Christmassy - although the other one was to me too!

    Nice job mate!!


  2. So this is Christmas and what a great job you've done. Another card made and more to come.

    I love it.


  3. You know I liked the other one, but this one is very obviously Christmas-y

  4. Hi Marrelle...

    I loved the other card too... but yeh this screams merry Christmas.. whereas to me, the other just whispered it! hahaha


  5. This is gorgeous too Marelle and without a doubt Christmassy.

  6. Yep! Definitely Christmassy the flower looks like a poinsettia. Well done on making this an even more versatile stamp. :)

  7. Note - This post is for people over the age of profanity hearing.........In answer to your question Marelle,

    Shit yeah! That's christmas..........:-)

  8. oh yeah thats definately christmasy
    well done marelle stunning

  9. HO HO HO Holy cow that card has Christmas written all over it!! Beautiful!

  10. Hey marelle,

    As always an absolutely stunning card. Totally christmassy. Love it.
    You are an amazingly talented lady.
    Well done
    Nicki Tidbold

  11. BINGO!

    Holy holidays, Batman... that card is STUNNING!

    Your other card was beautiful, but this one definitely has that special-time-of-the-year-wow factor. Simply amazing!

    I usually lurk here, but felt it was time to speak up and say that I really enjoy your blog and think your talent is superb. Thanks, and have a great day!

  12. It is far too red *

    You've definately hit the spot on this one. The other was ...fine... but this one is stunning!

    *Don't slap me, I was only joking :P

  13. Marelle,I love this set and love this card. What an idea to make it Christmassy!! Beautiful!!

  14. wow Marelle, you wouldn't mistake this card as anything but a christmas one, it is stunning!

  15. Well, hubby can't deny this one! Gorgeous! And VERY Christmassy! Amazing difference.

  16. That is SO Christmas it has me caroling!!! fa-la-la-la-la.....



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