Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I made these cards for my kids to tell them how I've been feeling about them. They've both been awesome lately, and showing glimpses of maturity in lots of ways. Amy came up against a group of nasty girls at Little Athletics, who would not let her "in" no matter how hard she tried (little girls can be the nastiest creatures on earth!!), and she was hurt, but so brave about it, and didn't let it ruin Little A's for her. Jacob is getting a Principal's Award at school, because he's brought home over 10 awards now since he started school last year. He's the youngest child to ever receive one, so he's pretty chuffed and so are we! ....So that's my Proud Mum's Brag of the Month.
I've used 2 sets for these cards "All About U" and "Ruff Day". Colours are Orchid Opulence, Gable Green and Tempting Turquoise for the girl version, and Real Red, Brilliant Blue and Tempting Turquoise for the boy version. Nothing too complicated but the kids were happy (mostly about the new book they each got!). They are well-trained though, and always look at the card first!!


  1. Cute cards...congrats to you and your kids!

  2. Love the cards! I might need to get your kids to have a word to my kids, they've been rather ARGGHHH lately

  3. You make beautiful work!!

    Bety :)



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