Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Incentive Trip Make-and-Take

Sorry for the lapse in transmission this past week. I've been busy with classes, but the main problem was that I didn't have any photos taken and edited to show you. Making cards is the fun bit, but I think I need a secretary for the not-so-fun stuff! Anyway, I'm all good now... for a few more posts at least!
Now that the products are current and available, I thought I would show you the make-and-take that we made on the Fiji Incentive Trip last year :

There are lots of fun little details on this card. It showcases the gorgeous Spiced Paisley stamp set and matching paper beautifully.

I've had lots of people ask me if I have qualified for this year's Incentive Trip to Broome. Sadly, the answer is no, and while I still have a little over a month to earn the trip, at this stage it is looking very out of reach. I'm trying not to feel too sad about it, because the truth is that, while Stampin' Up! means a lot to me, there are other things in my life that mean more. Over the past year I have been able to spend time with my sister throughout her pregnancy and then of course with my darling nephew Leo. I'm so grateful that because of the flexibility of my job with Stampin' Up! I have been able to do that, and I made the choice to cut back a little so that I could do that, and I don't regret that decision for a second.
Hopefully though, I'll be on another Incentive Trip in the not-too distant future!


  1. Love this card Marelle and I love the fact that you've been able to spend time with your sister and wee Leo. I wasn't lucky enough to have a sister you are very blessed to have one and blessed that you've spent quality time with her. Well done you!

  2. Nice peace of art. Thank you for sharing this. It is really helpful for others like me who loves doing art too. =)

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