Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Top Ten!

In no particular order (are you kidding? It was hard enough choosing ten, without ordering them as well!), these are my current faves from the new catalogue. At the same time, you get a sneak peak of some of the stuff I have been making lately! (yes, I've finally taken those photos!)

1. Pearls and Rhinestones. It's hard to resist sticking these everywhere. It's so easy to add an extra special touch to your creation, and I love that because they just stick on, it can be an afterthought...not that I ever have those, cough cough
2. Shimmer Paint. I've already raved about this stuff. Enough said. It is awesome.

3. Scallop Trim Border Punch. Please don't scroll back and count how many cards I've used this on lately *blush* ....Love it!

4. Textured Impressions Embossing folders. OK, I'm cheating, since there are a five new ones, and I adore them all. I don't understand how I used to be perfectly satisfied with cards I made BBS?? (Before Big Shot)

5. Beautiful Wings Butterflies. 5 Butterflies of varying sizes cut out and embossed from a scrap of paper? Seriously Cool

6. Antique brads. Absolutely to die for. Not just for crafting - I want to wear these.

7. Striped Grosgrain Ribbon. I thought I'd find this too wide and too, well...stripey, but I love it. Stripes go with everything!

8. Stacks DSP. At less than $1 per sheet with subtle, but not too subtle backgrounds in every SU! Colour, I'm going to go through a STACK of these.

9. The new Colour Coach. I always coveted those paint colour fans that interior designers have. Now I have Colour Inspiration at my fingertips whenever I'm stumped. It's going to take me years to try all the colour combinations on this thing!

10. The Mat Pack and Paper Piercer. The Mat Pack has always been seriously awesome, but now you can buy it's perfect partner separately, and it comes in it's own little test-tube sized storage container. And then you have to go and treat yourself to a pack of 9 Ferrero Rochers, and you'll have the perfect sized container for your mat pack too (and what a shame that you have to eat the chocolate :o)

Now your turn...what's your favourite? Leave a comment. I'd love to hear what they are!


  1. You summed it up well! Yet to try the shimmer paint. We are certainly blessed to have so many goodies to create with!

  2. One big omission for me that I could see in one of your 'peeks' is the owl punch. So very cute and makes for an easy man card!
    P.S when do your blog stalkers get to see all those beauties that we got sneak peeks of?!

  3. I love the bird and owl punches ... how cute and so versatile - oh and I love the bauble punch too - lol.

  4. I think my top ten would be almost the same - although I would have to include how happy I am to have markers in all colours!

  5. I agree it is so hard to choose, haven't used the shimmer paints as yet, but need to do some experimenting. Bigshot embossing folders gotta love these. I really really love the new In Colours, and how cute is the Owl punch.

  6. Love your top 10's Marelle! Can you please do a top 10 of stamp sets?? You made me buy several sets last year after making me look at them in a different light, so I'd love to know what you've picked this year!


    PS - I don't own any new stamps or punches yet! Sad really! lol

  7. Many of my favs are in your list Marelle - pearls and rhinestones I use all the time; scallop trim border punch I ADORE!; embossing folders LOVE THEM; antique brads OH MY WORD YES!; striped ribbon is growing on me; markers in every colour (HOORAY!), satin ribbon (GORJUS!), square envelopes (at last!); owl punch (sooooo cute!); and finally 12 x 12 cardstock in every colour.



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