Monday, October 18, 2010

Incentive Trip Day 4

We were lucky enough to wake up to more sunshine on Saturday - our last full day on Hamilton Island. After brekky we headed down to the Marina for a 3 hour return Trip around the nearby Whitsunday Islands. It wasn't a Stampin' Up! activity, but there were about 20 of us on the 2 boats. The tour company warned us of strong winds and swells, so were were a little apprehensive waiting on the dock. Here's Alisa, Jayne and I: Thankfully our fears were not realised, and the trip was more the up and down bumpiness, rather than the swaying and rolling that had made everyone feel ill. It was actually heaps of fun zooming across the water with the wind in our hair. Here's Joanna and I, and you can see our Hotel (the taller building) in the background:
We arrived at Chalkies Beach first and did some snorkeling off the beach. Visibility was a lot better than it had been on the Reef on Thursday, and we saw lots and lots of fish and some amazing coral formations. Next we made a 5 minute boat trip across to WhiteHaven Beach, recently voted the Number 1 Eco Friendly Beach in the World. I can see why -it has 7km of the purest white sand I have ever seen, and is completely unspoilt. Here's Dave and I at WhiteHaven:

We returned back to Hamilton Island and just had a light lunch (not wanting to spoil ourselves for the final night dinner, which is always spectacular). We washed the salt and sand off, and spent a leisurely afternoon in the Hospitality Room, spinning the wheel for the last time (I ended up with 2 rolls of ribbon, a gel pen and Shimmery White cardstock from my 4 spins) and helping to finish off the candy (a tough job but someone had to do it).

Joanna and I discovered we have very good taste in clothes (and both shop at the same exclusive boutique):

I thought that it might mean that we would be paired up for our afternoon adventure, but no. We all had to gather in the Reef View Lounge for instructions at 4:15pm. Names were drawn out of a bowl and we were put into teams. We were with Angela and Paul Sargeant, and we named our team The Bluebottles (we were all in blue, and one of our first stops was to pick up some liquid refreshments in blue bottles, plus a BlueBottle is also a type of jellyfish). Here we are in front of our buggy:

We were given instructions on driving the golf buggies around the island, and we had to answer questions and pick up clues along the way. Here we all are listening intently:

It was heaps of fun exploring the island for the next 2 hours. There were plenty of stops to make, questions to answer, and SU! staff members to find (who had gifts for us - we scored a pack of 12x12 cardstock, an inkpad, Rhinestones and a new stamp set), and plenty of time to take scenery shots as well. Our last stop was back at the Reef View, where we were given a little bag of alphabet stamps. We had to spell out the name of our dinner location using the stamps. It was CUHATYLB, with the clue to use one letter twice - YACHT CLUB. Once everyone had finished, we hopped in our buggies to the Yacht Club. It's an amazing looking building on the Marina, and we enjoyed aperitifs outside on the balcony watching the sunset.
me, Theresa, Yvonne, Kim, Liz, Bec.

Our tables for dinner were beautifully set with floating candles and shells, and at our place setting was a Fijian mask and a card saying "See you in Fiji". We were seated with Alisa and Craig and Pam and Dennis for the 3-course meal (Craig wearing the Fijian mask):
Now, last Incentive Trip I got in trouble for making people hungry while reading my blog, so this year I've been careful not to show you photos of food, but it wouldn't be the same if I didn't show you here's my entree, an amazing cucumber salad, decorated with tiny edible flowers:
Even the plate was amazing! So, at least I showed you something healthy ;o)

When we returned to our rooms, we found our last pillow gift, a bag to match the purse and bag tags:
Quite appropriate that it was turquoise, to match the water! We all looked very stylish the next day at the airport.

Here's one last shot of the turquoise Whitsunday waters from our Hotel Room, as it looked on our last day (much better than it was looking on our first day!):
Thanks for re-living the trip with me. I hope you've enjoyed experiencing it vicariously. If you are thinking that you'd love to go on the next Incentive Trip, I really encourage you to try. Seeing Jayne's account of her first trip was what inspired me to aim for it, and you have nothing to lose by trying! It really is an amazing experience, and well worth all the hard work to get there. I'll be in Fiji, and I'd love to share it with you!


  1. Thanks Marelle for sharing your trip. Glad you enjoyed it, everything looked great. So happy you decided to share it all with us.

  2. Hiya Marelle!

    I LOVED reading the tales of your IT - it sounds like a hoot!

    Had a laugh when you said Daves new name of skinny shrek had stuck! Thats funny! Good on ya Dave - your a good sport!;)


  3. Hi marelle, thank you for sharing, I love reading all about your trips and seeing all the photos!

    Sam Wilson

  4. I've enjoyed reading all about your trip Marelle. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Marelle, I love reading about the incentive trip. Hope to be there some day too. I enjoy reading your blog and visit at least once a week.

  6. Congratulations Marelle! Looks like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing your time with us!

  7. THanks for posting more pix and commentary.. LOVED reading it! CONGRATS on your accomplishment and I'm so glad you got "the blue purse"... I love mine... it's it just toooo fun!? :)

  8. Thanks for even more great photos, Marelle - I look forward to your Incentive Trip posts each year!

  9. Thank you so much for all the information and photos. I'm so glad you guys sound like you had a fabulous (and very well deserved) trip. Take care . Cathie W

  10. Loved your pics and wrap up Marelle. It was great to share this trip with you and the 2010 crew.

  11. I loved reading all about your trip. It looked so wonderful!! Very well deserved Marelle.

    Rachel xoxo

  12. Oh, forgot to mention I always love reading your blog xoxo

  13. Thankyou for sharing all your adventures I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Congrats on all your hard work and thanks for giving lots of inspiration to not only me but a lot of girls!!!

    Have a great day

  14. Thanks for good stuff

  15. Hi Marelle,

    May I just say first of all - Thank you to you and Dave for sharing the trip with Cameron and I. We had a ball!
    Secondly - thank you for not disclosing the name or location of the exclusive boutique where we both shop - The clothes are so nice there, everyone will want them!!
    See you soon

  16. Not one dessert picture - maybe you were having too much fun? Sounds like a great trip. I actually thought you had stopped posting about it once you realised how funny the pictures of you all in your little suits were...It was kind of you to allow us to catch our breath before continuing on... see you soon! Jen xo

  17. Hi Marelle,
    The trip sounds so much fun, thanks for sharing it with us.



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