Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bunny Jar!

You might have noticed the Countdown ticking down (yay!) but not much else happening here! I've been pretty busy with classes and workshops. I'm really looking forward to having a bit of a break at the start of April, but for now it's head down, backside up!
I don't think I've ever felt so supported and encouraged in my life, and that has been the nicest thing about this month. It has been what's kept me going, even when I've felt stressed and under pressure. So thank you for the words of encouragement (they always seem to come right when I'm feeling low and give me just the boost I need), and of course for the orders guys are all wonderful. I really feel, even more than ever, that I should be taking you all in my suitcase with me (I wish I could!)
Even though I haven't been blogging as much as usual, someone else has! If you are looking for inspiration, head on over to Teneale's Blog. She is doing a Project a Day until the end of the month (and if you know Teneale's work, you'll know that each one is a work of art!). Today there is a video on how she does her perfect Faux Bows (I could say that there is a video of Teneale showing us how to fake it, but that might give you the wrong idea ;o). It's awesome! Make sure you let her know how clever she is!!
I can't leave without showing you something, so here's the little bunny jar that we have been making in my Project Classes this month. He's been a popular little fellow!
He's very simple to make. The little jar from IKEA makes a perfect bunny body. His face is made from punches, and he is sporting a Pink Pirouette bow tie:
I stamped the jar with little hearts (from "Something Sweet") in White Stazon and added a Boho Blossom punch tail. Here he is, showing off his little fluffy tail:

Hope he brings a smile to your face!


  1. He is cute Marelle! Ive been watching your 100 come down - that is so awesome, what wonderful support you have! Must feel great! :)
    Lisa Martin

  2. Too cute Marelle. I feel a trip to Ikea coming on! Inky wishes, Di

  3. Hi marelle

    he is so cute im casing this one for easter hopr you dont mind how cute im so in love with him.

  4. Super cute bunny!
    I've been excited to see the counter ticking down. I just know you'll make it Marelle. :)

  5. He definitely made me smile - too fab! Thanks for sharing him, glad to see your countdown ticking away, I'm sure you can get there now.

  6. So cute. Can't wait to hear that envelope number 1 has been opened.

    I think I need a trip to Ikea too!

  7. The bunny jar is adorable! Great work!

    - Elizabeth (

  8. This little bunny is just ADORABLE!!!

  9. I love this Easter Bunny jar, simple but so effective. Very creative.



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