Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Answer!

A few of you guessed correctly. It is, would you believe... a Ribbon Spool! Next time you finish a roll of ribbon, take a look at the plastic spool in the middle. It comes apart into 2 pieces, and it makes a perfect base and lid for a tube like this. I was holding on to my spools for quite some time before I thought of it (you know when you can't bear to throw something out because "I just know I'll think of a use for this one day!")

If I get enough requests, I could probably be talked into doing a tutorial....if you're interested?

While I'm here, I just wanted to let you know about a couple of things...

I've been busy getting ready for my Open House this Sunday. It's "Out with the Old, In with the New". There will be nibblies, free make-and-takes, Special Offers, Lucky Door Prizes and a Goody Bag and a copy of the Brand New Mini to take home. It's also a chance to sign up to some classes, book a workshop or catch up with new and old friends! I'm just running 1 session, now that I have a nice big space! Just drop in anytime between 3 and 6, and leave when you need to.

When: Sunday 28th March
Time: 3pm - 6pm
Where: 27 Ryan St Dundas Valley
Cost: FREE

Places are limited, and bookings are essential. Feel free to bring a friend along! If you bring a friend who hasn't been to an Open House before, you will both get a gift from me!

You may have noticed a blinkie flashing away on the side there --->

We are having an Autumn/Winter Mini Blog Hop! The new Mini goes live on the 1st April, and to kick it off, tune in here on the 31st March at 9pm. There will be NEW STUFF, Blog Candy, NEW STUFF, a Special Guest Stamper...and did I mention there's really great NEW STUFF??

Phew! Too much excitement...think I'd better go and have a lie down!


  1. Yay! I worked it out. I was typing up my answer and measuring things. And by the time I finally posted the other lass had guessed ribbon spool too! LOL.
    Thanks for yet another nifty trick.

  2. Would love to see your tutorial if you've got time, Marelle! It's been so exciting watching your lucky envelopes countdown.. well done!

  3. WOW - 6 orders to go - that is awesome - Marelle that is wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS!
    Lisa Martin

  4. Marelle - you make me laugh!!!



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