Saturday, June 16, 2007

By popular demand...the faux eyelet!

I feel a bit silly posting this, because I'm just cheating really!! It all came about because I'm hopeless at setting eyelets and I hate all the bashing and squeezing that goes on! redface But let's pretend that you'd use them so you can have eyelets to match every colour of cardstock that you own, OK? wink
All you do is punch a little circle with your 6mm circle punch, and attach it to your image with your 2-way glue pen. When the glue is dry, use your 3mm handheld punch to punch a hole in the centre! How easy is that?? In the example above I added a little Crystal Effects to make a glossy eyelet (looks real, huh?), but you don't have to do that.
I'm running a class coming up (date yet to be announced!) on "The Art of Faking It"lol and we'll be learning lots of "Faux" techniques. I've given you a glimpse of one of the cards we'll be making, that incorporates faux eyelets and faux tearing. I'll show you the whole card after I've run the class....biggrin


  1. Looking forward to seeing the faux tearing. Thanks for sharing the faux eyelets, I don't like having to try and set them either so this is a great alternative.

  2. Thanks for sharing how to do the faux eyelets! I was curious after your last post. I don't like hammering either, so I'll add this to my "faux repetoire"!

  3. Eyelet setting scares me, so this is great. Thanks for sharing, I've put both those punches on my wish list.

  4. D'Oh! I was trying to punch the 2nd circle (3mm) before I had adhered the 6mm circle to anything. I did it but it was pretty tricky to line it up, let me tell you. Your way is much smarter. Embarassed over here...Kim

  5. Ooh you clever chicken!! Looks great!

  6. oooooh...noice idea! I always squash eyelets so don't use them cause they never look right - love this!



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