Monday, October 29, 2012

Final Broome Adventures

It's always a bit sad when our final day arrives, but at the same time I miss the kids and can't wait to see them again. We spent the morning wandering around the local markets, and picked up a few gifts and souvenirs. And then when the heat got too much we retreated to an indoor mall for a while. The afternoon was spent doing all our "lasts" - last walk on the beach, last swim in the pool, last cocktail... Here I am having my last (and actually my first) hug of a Boab Tree:

Every day the door of the Hospitality Suite is updated with these cool signs, letting us know what's on:

For our Final Night Dinner we had to meet in the lobby at 5:15pm. As usual, all the details were very hush-hush, so none of us had any idea what was in store. This is what pulled up in front of the Resort:

And here we are, a self-portrait on the top deck, complete with double chins LOL:

And this was our destination:

When we walked through the gates, this is the sight that greeted us:

It's a Pearl Lugger, with a sail that doubled as a movie screen! And on the grass were our own personalised picnic blankets, made from Orchard Harvest Stampin' Up! fabric.

How cute are the little wicker picnic baskets, with matching nametags and serviettes?!

This is what was inside - yummy treats for the movie!

Our dinner was a buffet of gourmet picnic food - salads, chicken skewers, roast vegetables and corn on the cob. We watched "Just Go With It", a romantic comedy, and had yummy desserts afterwards. Then it was back to the resort for a group photo and goodbye hugs

And as if we hadn't already been spoiled enough, another gift awaited us in our rooms!

It's a gorgeous handmade card from Shelli (I'll take a pic when I have better light), and inside the package is a beautiful 'Statement of the Heart' stamp.

Sunday was a travel day - 12 hours from resort to home, via Melbourne. Lovely to hug the kids, and be back in my own bed. I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my Broome Adventures. Now I'll get back to showing you some stamping!


  1. I just stopped by to say thank you for updating us on your trip.


  2. How wonderful.
    You really deserved it.
    Thanks also for all the updates.
    Really appreciate it too.

  3. Kathryn Brennan29/10/12 6:12 pm

    Sounds amazing. Great to see/read about your trip.

  4. I loved checking your blog for updates Marelle! So glad it was such a wonderful trip. Welcome home!



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