Friday, October 12, 2007

Stamping on Candles

I ran a class last night on candles. We made a vellum wineglass shade, a pillar candle like this one and a tealight candleshade. It's always fun to make some 3D items instead of cards for a change!
Stamping on a candle like this one is as easy as stamping onto white tissue paper, colouring your image with a Blender pen (Aquapainter is too wet), and trimming roughly around it. Then take some waxed lunchwrap or Gladbake; cut a piece large enough to wrap around your candle, and use it to hold your tissue paper image in place. Now use your Heat Tool to gently melt your tissue image into your candle through the Gladbake; you'll be able to see the tissue turn clear as the wax melts. Don't heat too long or you'll have a puddle of wax! You can use the same piece of Gladbake to add images or sayings to other areas of your candle. I tied some Olive Organdy ribbon around my candle, and secured with a brad to finish it off.
Have a's really easy, lots of fun, and makes a great present!


  1. how pretty . . . . . . .

  2. Wow - your candle looks gorgeous! What do you use to melt the candle with? heat gun??

  3. This is gorgeous, Marelle! I just made my first candle the other day - how ironic that it popped up on your site at the same time! Mine is just a dinky little Halloween one... I won't even bother posting it now. :)

  4. Fabulous Marelle! I plan on trying this soon!

  5. Wow this is great. I will defintely be giving it a go after reading your easy instructions. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous! Love the shading!



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