Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Incentive Trip Day 2

Thursday - The whole group met for a buffet breakfast in the Resort Restaurant....yummy tropical fruits as well as the usual hot breakfast. Then the coaches arrived to take us to the Railway station so we could catch the train up to Kuranda Village. We were treated to Macadamia nuts, juice and train souvenirs on the way up. Here's a pic of Alisa Tilsner, Sarah Klass and I on the train:
Marelle Taylor Stampin' Up! AustraliaIt was lovely to wander around in Kuranda. Dave and I visited the Butterfly Sanctuary, which was amazing. Butterflies were landing on us all the time. This one was a bit cheekier than most of them!
Marelle Taylor Stampin' Up! AustraliaWe had lunch with the lovely Cheryl Andrews and her hubby Craig, did some shopping, and then headed back down on the Skyrail. We stopped and did a walk through the rainforest on the way. Sarah took this photo of Dave and I on the Skyrail (I may look like I'm smiling but my teeth are actually clenched... I hate heights!)
Marelle Taylor Stampin' Up! AustraliaWe caught the coach back, and then headed back to our rooms to find another pressie - a Workshop Wows DVD of lots of US demos presenting at their Regional training events.
We met up in Alisa's room for drinkies this time, watched some of the wows (while the boys talked man stuff on the balcony), and then headed out for dinner at the local pizza restaurant. We were all set to have coffee with Jayne, Joanna, Alisa and Craig in our room, when Dave realised his key wouldn't fit in our lock. It took a moment to work out why....it was the restaurant's toilet key! And where was our key?? Hanging on the restaurant's toilet key hook, of course! So poor Dave had to go all the way back to the restaurant and swap the keys over. Don't feel too sorry for him... He did come back holding an icecream!


  1. That still makes me smile! Hi Dave!

  2. Thanks for sharing the stories Marelle, am enjoying it very much. Love KimT

  3. Love that photo of your husband and the one of your (scallop) smile. So glad that you had a great time, Margaret



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